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BREAKING: 1000’s Of British refugees make dangerous journey across Irish Sea

THE IRISH coast guard has today issued a nationwide warning for the East Coast as hundreds of thousands of British refugees risk their lives to cross the Irish sea in an attempt to flee the impoverished and unstable nation. Dinghies … Continue reading

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Further clampdown by Erdogan on journalists as saga over satirical poem (reproduced here) continues

Yesterday, Turkish journalist Arzu Yıldız was sentenced to 20 months in jail and stripped of legal rights over her children for publishing a video (see Appendix below) and an associated story regarding the search of trucks belonging to Turkey’s MIT … Continue reading

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Brits find refugees ‘disgusting’: maybe a ‘refugee experience’ package? But the reality…

Yesterday the Daily Mail published an article about Brits on holiday on the Greek island of Kos, who bemoaned the number of poor and refugees there and how they are annoyed to witness such dire poverty after forking out money … Continue reading

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The ‘Queen’s Speech’ uncut; anti-austerity dispossessed target London

As the anti-austerity dispossessed prepare to converge on Downing Street on May 27th (and blockade the City of London on June 20th) in what will, undoubtedly, be the first of many protests and demonstrations over coming weeks, months and years, … Continue reading

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Revealed: Russell Brand’s Monday broadcast

The following is a transcript of Russell Brand’s much publicised and awaited pre-election message, due to be broadcast this coming Monday. If, however, the broadcast ends up with a different content, then that is because it has been changed in … Continue reading

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As Charlie Hebdo tells world leaders to get lost we publish their secretly recorded conversations on the march

Today it is revealed that the front cover of the next issue of Charlie Hebdo features a cartoon of Mohammed looking sad and saying Je Suis Charlie. This is in line with its usual editorial policy and, in effect, makes … Continue reading

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Exclusive: inside GCHQ – Robert Hannigan in conversation with ‘Tony Hancock’

  GCHQ chief Robert Hannigan (known within the trade as ‘C’) promised the British public a debate on surveillance and privacy. Instead we got a week-long lecture from Home Secretary Theresa May on how the Government is determined to further … Continue reading

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