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Brexit means exploitation of the many for the benefit of the few, say Boris and friends

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn once accused the Theresa May government of seeking a post-Brexit Britain akin to an offshore tax haven, with minimal workers’ rights. But an alliance between ultra-Brexiteers and neoliberals is determined that this scenario becomes reality. Which … Continue reading

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Recession warned for Brexit Britain, but ideologically-driven Tories couldn’t give a damn

A leading investment bank predicts Brexit will cause a recession in the UK, especially in the event of a ‘no deal’ outcome. And a new poll shows that more people would now prefer Britain to remain in the EU. But … Continue reading

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To understand why millions of Catalans want independence, just read the king’s speech [TWEETS]

On 1 October, a Catalonian referendum for independence took place in Spain. But Madrid responded with violence. And there is even a report [Spanish] that the Spanish government has deployed the army to Catalonia. Although you would think, given the … Continue reading

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Whistleblower Chelsea Manning just got banned by Canada, but the order is flawed

Award-winning whistleblower and political activist Chelsea Manning has received a banning order from the Canadian police. Manning is set to appeal against the ban. Because not only does the order appear faulty, but it is also a direct challenge to … Continue reading

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Catalans reinvent their revolutionary past to take direct action in the name of democracy

Spain’s Constitutional Court has banned Catalonia’s independence referendum, but the Catalan authorities have approved and scheduled it for 1 October. Spanish police, meanwhile, have seized 10 million ballot papers. But the people of Barcelona, and Catalans generally, have a long history … Continue reading

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Catalans prepare for confrontation as up to 16,000 riot police are deployed to thwart referendum

A referendum on independence for the Spanish region of Catalonia was approved by Catalan authorities, but declared illegal by Spain’s constitutional court. And in recent days, a clampdown on the referendum plans has seen more than 40 regional administrative offices … Continue reading

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When a leading university caves in to pressure from spooks, we all need to be afraid

The dean of Harvard University’s Kennedy School, Douglas Elmendorf, invited war crimes whistleblower and LGBTQ+ campaigner Chelsea Manning to be a visiting fellow. But the very next day, after pressure from a former and a current CIA director, the offer … Continue reading

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