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These children know all too well about hate crime – but the world still turns away [VIDEO]

Genocide is not infrequent. And when it makes the news, it doesn’t take long for viewers or readers to become immune to the horror. But we must not just ignore what is happening. In the case of the Rakhine province … Continue reading

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As Trump dithers, Turkey issues ultimatum to anti-ISIS fighters in Syria

Kurdish-led militias fighting Daesh (Isis/Isil) in northern Syria have provided details this week of new attacks on villages which they had previously liberated from jihadi forces. But these attacks didn’t come from Daesh. They came from Turkey. And as Donald Trump dithers … Continue reading

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Britain launches cyber security centre, but fails to protect citizens from biggest hackers of all

The British Government has launched a new centre for combatting cyber security threats. Its website offers abundant advice, yet it neglects to advise citizens how to protect themselves from the biggest hackers of all. Namely, GCHQ (and its US partner, … Continue reading

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Destruction of political policing files goes back decades: will the Met face charges?

According to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), multiple undercover police files were destroyed in 2014. One consultant to the Council of Europe on human rights law, has said this may equate to a perversion of the course of justice. But what the IPCC … Continue reading

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Forget ‘fake news’, prepare for fake peace as Trump’s Mid-East endgame looms

  Power games in the Middle East are seldom about fighting terrorism or securing human rights. They’re about oil, and who controls its supply. But an endgame in the Syrian conflict may now be in sight. And that endgame is likely … Continue reading

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Tories put ‘Britain first’ and tell hundreds of unaccompanied child refugees to get stuffed

The Tory government has announced that all child refugees hoping to get into Britain should get stuffed. Well, not exactly those words. But that was the intent. The announcement was sneaked in between the Brexit vote and Prime Minister’s Questions. … Continue reading

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Resurgent neo-Nazis encouraged by Trump win, demand Europe wide immigration ban

Europe is probably facing its most serious crisis since the 1930s and the outbreak of World War Two. Through populist nationalism, the far right are in resurgence, gaining credibility across the continent. But to see their true nature, we only … Continue reading

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