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‘Blacklisting’ in Britain is rife – and in the total surveillance society, no one is immune

Blacklisting, whereby people are denied work because of their political beliefs or affiliations, is illegal and allegedly no longer practised. But in our current surveillance society, a host of other intrusive practices have replaced it. Private companies may be vetting … Continue reading

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Blacklisting scandal is back on the agenda, and 1000s could finally see justice

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) announced it has re-opened its files on the blacklisting of workers. While this news is to be welcomed, questions remain over how far the ICO will extend its review – and how many of those … Continue reading

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The ‘spycop’, the blacklisters and the insider evidence: is this the ‘smoking gun’?

Gordon Mills, a former Chief Inspector with the now defunct National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit (NETCU), is suing the GMB trade union. He claims [pdf] that the GMB made libellous comments regarding a meeting he attended in 2008 with The Consulting … Continue reading

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“Are you listed on the Economic League’s blacklist?” asks Ricky Tomlinson

Only a handful of people possess copies of the entire Economic League’s North West blacklist. The original was handed to the two founding members of League Watch – a campaigning group that monitored the Economic League (EL) – by an … Continue reading

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The links between Costain & the Consulting Association (blacklisters)

Last week Neil Findlay, MSP, revealed in Parliament the name of the woman who he described as the link between the construction company Costain and the blacklisting outfit, the Consulting Association. But Ms Burton was not the only link. There … Continue reading

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Consulting Association: the destruction/concealment of documents – testimony of an insider

One of the testimonies given at the Construction Industry Vetting Information Group Litigation court hearings, earlier this year, was that of Mary Kerr, the wife of the late Ian Kerr, who was a leading figure in both the Economic League … Continue reading

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Blacklister admits destroying Consulting Assoc evidence; now has own vetting service

Court records show that in an unguarded moment a former chair of the blacklisting agency, the Consulting Association, admitted to destroying vital files belonging to that organisation in order to conceal evidence and, thus, contradicting all previous denials on this … Continue reading

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