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Catalans reinvent their revolutionary past to take direct action in the name of democracy

Spain’s Constitutional Court has banned Catalonia’s independence referendum, but the Catalan authorities have approved and scheduled it for 1 October. Spanish police, meanwhile, have seized 10 million ballot papers. But the people of Barcelona, and Catalans generally, have a long history … Continue reading

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Catalans prepare for confrontation as up to 16,000 riot police are deployed to thwart referendum

A referendum on independence for the Spanish region of Catalonia was approved by Catalan authorities, but declared illegal by Spain’s constitutional court. And in recent days, a clampdown on the referendum plans has seen more than 40 regional administrative offices … Continue reading

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A British film shows us how to build a post-capitalist world right here, right now

  In 2015, the Exeter-sponsored film-makers at Enfable travelled to Spain to make a movie about a post-capitalist co-operative in Catalonia. More recently, a two-day conference in an Athens squat included updates on the work of that co-operative. These updates, … Continue reading

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Spanish anarchist-syndicalist union issues statement on the Barcelona terror attack

The Spanish anarchist-syndicalist union, the CNT, has released a statement condemning the horrific terrorist attack in Barcelona that saw 14 people murdered and more than 100 injured, many critically. And the Catalan anarchist organisation Embat has released a video statement … Continue reading

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No one wants to mention the real reason the Tories are quietly going ape-shit over Gibraltar

For days, Britain’s right-wing media has gone ape-shit over Gibraltar’s role in Brexit negotiations. But what was largely missing from the coverage was the idea that, for the Conservative government and British authorities, it’s far more than just a matter of … Continue reading

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The prosecution of human rights abusers and war criminals has suddenly got a whole lot easier

Thanks to a landmark court ruling, prosecuting human rights abusers may have just got a whole lot easier. All around the world, activists and lawyers are constantly frustrated by national and international legal processes that prevent the prosecution of human … Continue reading

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Cables via #Wikileaks show how US/Spain conspired to prevent arrest of Bush Administration for war crimes

The US strategy from the beginning of the second Iraq War has been to deflect criticism and prosecution by blaming others. The war began with a lie: that Saddam Hussein had WMD (the true reason for invasion was, of course, … Continue reading

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