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Former MI6 agent’s Trump allegations, despite FBI inaction, may only be the beginning

Months of inaction by the FBI forced former MI6 spy Christopher Steele to turn to the ‘alternative’ media to publicise his allegations against President-elect Donald Trump. In the end, the allegations were published in the form of a ‘dossier’ by … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch flips | Sunday Times article on Snowden rife with errors

Today, Times Newspapers Ltd (TNL), the company that owns the Sunday Times, issued a copyright infringement notice to the legal owners of First Look/The Intercept, the online news magazine. The ostensible reason for this is that TNL believe that The … Continue reading

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Police launch investigation into rendition flights via Scotland: here is the evidence

Today it was announced that Police Scotland are to request that the CIA hand over all information about aircraft involved in extraordinary rendition and which used Scotland as a stopover. In particular, Police Scotland have asked to see the unredacted … Continue reading

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Chelsea Manning: international legal challenges to verdicts/sentence explored

The publication at the end of last year of the US Senate report into CIA torture provides an opportunity for the international community to directly intervene in the fate of the person who might well be described as the catalyst … Continue reading

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Saudi torture; Guantanamo torture: spot the difference

Earlier this year two stories of torture dominated the press. One was about a man who was sentenced to be lashed effectively to death by Saudis merely for being a liberal. The other concerned the diary of a man who … Continue reading

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Rendition/torture: UK Govt still in denial despite irrefutable evidence

The British Government continues to deny involvement in extraordinary rendition or knowledge of rendition/torture. Yet documents prove otherwise. Below we collate these documents and quote the relevant sections. 1. MI6 letter to Libyan intelligence A letter from a senior MI6 … Continue reading

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‘Black sites’ and rendition: what the Senate report failed to publish

Much of the content of the recent, heavily-censored US Senate report on CIA torture and rendition was not unfamiliar to many investigative researchers. But it’s worth reminding ourselves of the depth and expanse of this research and below we identify … Continue reading

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