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Key players escape scrutiny after investigation into the UK’s role in rendition and torture is halted

The government has prematurely halted a major investigation into the UK’s role in extraordinary rendition and torture. British Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) has published two reports, resulting from the investigation: Detainee Mistreatment and Rendition: 2001 – 2010 [pdf] … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional CPS gives green light to rendition/torture; fails to prosecute spy chief

The UK Crown Prosecution Service is supposedly impartial, though several recent cases have disproved that, with three cases in particular demonstrating how the CPS not only concealed evidence, but interfered in the process of justice and even closed down a … Continue reading

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Libyan dissident’s litigation against UK highlights Govt opportunism re dictatorships

UK and US adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq undoubtedly contributed to the war in Syria, to the rise of ISIS and to many of the subsequent tragic events, including the dreadful attacks in Paris yesterday (claimed by ISIS). Another of … Continue reading

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Jihadist trial collapses on MI6 role: implications re other cases, foreign and intel policy

Trial proceedings of an alleged anti-Assad jihadist were spectacularly halted yesterday at the Old Bailey in London after it was admitted that the British Government and its Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) had also been supporting/aiding anti-Assad militias, such as the … Continue reading

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Police launch investigation into rendition flights via Scotland: here is the evidence

Today it was announced that Police Scotland are to request that the CIA hand over all information about aircraft involved in extraordinary rendition and which used Scotland as a stopover. In particular, Police Scotland have asked to see the unredacted … Continue reading

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‘Enemy within’ GCHQ monitoring declared unlawful; and their sister organisations?

Today, in a landmark decision, a tribunal declared that the mass snooping of citizens by GCHQ in conjunction with the NSA was unlawful. Previously we revealed how former heads of GCHQ had gone on to work for a specialist communications … Continue reading

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Rendition/torture: UK Govt still in denial despite irrefutable evidence

The British Government continues to deny involvement in extraordinary rendition or knowledge of rendition/torture. Yet documents prove otherwise. Below we collate these documents and quote the relevant sections. 1. MI6 letter to Libyan intelligence A letter from a senior MI6 … Continue reading

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