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CPS witheld extraordinary rendition documents, and now powerful figures may face courts

For some years, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has withheld hundreds of sensitive intelligence documents. These relate to allegations that the British establishment instigated the extraordinary rendition (illegal abduction and transfer) of three Libyans. Two of these suffered torture. Now, in … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional CPS gives green light to rendition/torture; fails to prosecute spy chief

The UK Crown Prosecution Service is supposedly impartial, though several recent cases have disproved that, with three cases in particular demonstrating how the CPS not only concealed evidence, but interfered in the process of justice and even closed down a … Continue reading

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Libyan dissident’s litigation against UK highlights Govt opportunism re dictatorships

UK and US adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq undoubtedly contributed to the war in Syria, to the rise of ISIS and to many of the subsequent tragic events, including the dreadful attacks in Paris yesterday (claimed by ISIS). Another of … Continue reading

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Drowned Kurdish boy on beach: the hypocrisy and the truth of what happened

One photo of one three-year old boy drowned and washed up on a beach in Turkey and the hypocrisy of the mainstream media knows no bounds. And their readership is no better. For months there have been reports of deaths … Continue reading

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EU military ‘mission’ against Libya; NATO ops in Mediterranean: details/docs…

Today Wikileaks released two classified EU documents, outlining the planned military intervention against boats travelling from Libya to Italy. The more significant of the two documents was written by the combined military defence chiefs of the EU member states. The … Continue reading

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Safe havens/aid, not gunships, key to Mediterranean refugee crisis

This week’s European Summit on the Mediterranean refugee crisis predictably got it all wrong. Their real message – as opposed to the contrite version to the media – is that nothing will be done to help the victims of various … Continue reading

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Mediterranean refugee crisis: timeline of UK/NATO destabilisation of Libya

On behalf of UK Prime Minister David Cameron, senior Tories have accused Labour Party leader Ed Miliband of being ‘shameful’ and ‘provocative’ because he (Miliband) stated that the current Mediterranean refugee crisis was largely caused by the UK and its … Continue reading

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