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Brexit could mean increasing your pension age and snitching on your neighbour

Prime Minister Theresa May has finally revealed some crucial details about her position on Brexit, and made it clear that there will be restrictions to EU migration. But this will have consequences. A recent study suggests that fewer immigrants will mean that the government will likely need … Continue reading

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An army of snoopers is being trained, but it is not run by GCHQ

  An army of spies is being trained across the British Isles. They are not ‘fifth columnists’ but the man in the pub, the woman on the bus, and even your fellow worker. A series of training modules, examined by The … Continue reading

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Pirate Party asked to form new government in Iceland: here’s what they want to achieve

Iceland’s president Guðni Th. Jóhannesson has announced he has given the Pirate Party ‘captain’, Birgitta Jónsdóttir, the mandate to form the country’s next ruling coalition. Informal talks between the Pirate Party, the Social Democrats, the Reform Party, the Left-Greens and … Continue reading

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Holidaying Brits attacked for speaking English – not really, but this is what it’s like for ‘migrants’ in UK

In Britain a 40 year old Polish man, Arkadiusz Jóźwik, lost his life after allegedly been beaten to death by five youths merely because he was speaking a language other than English. Notwithstanding rank hypocrisy of the tabloid press – … Continue reading

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‘Nauru Files’: Universal Jurisdiction threat to Australian government and Spanish multinational

The release and publication by Guardian Australia journalists of the ‘Nauru Files’ show that Wilson Security, the company that manages security at the refugee gulags on Nauru and Manus Island, has been responsible for downgrading those files – i.e. a … Continue reading

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Claim that US commander masterminded Turkey failed coup leads to torching of NATO base vicinity

The situation in Turkey is now at the hysterical stage. Last night an area close to a US-NATO base in Turkey was set alight. No one has claimed responsibility. However, it is likely the fire was begun as a direct … Continue reading

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Demands that Erdogan prove jailed Kurdish PKK leader Ocalan (Turkey’s ‘Mandela’) alive and well

Concerns over the fate of Turkey’s highest profile political prisoner, Abdullah Ocalan, the head of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), have been expressed by one of Turkey’s main opposition parties, the HDP. Many regard Ocalan as Turkey’s ‘Nelson Mandela’. He … Continue reading

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