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NSA denial of Trump surveillance is just “word games” (Edward Snowden)

US president Donald Trump alleged that phones in Trump Tower had been ‘wiretapped’. The White House media spokesperson then named GCHQ as the culprit. But the British intelligence-gathering agency strongly denied this. However it did not elaborate on how the … Continue reading

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Britain’s new top cop is no stranger to the destruction of compromising files

Newly-appointed Metropolitan Police Chief Cressida Dick oversaw the investigation into files leaked by Edward Snowden to The Guardian. She also authorised the arrest of David Miranda, who was travelling via Heathrow to Brazil, carrying hardware the British authorities assumed included … Continue reading

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Why police ‘investigation’ of journalists involved in Snowden disclosures is flawed

The recent admission that Britain’s Metropolitan Police Service – specifically S015 (Counter-Terrorism) division – is continuing its ‘investigation’ (or ‘scoping’) into alleged breaches of Section 58A of the Terrorism Act by persons or media involved in the 2013 Edward Snowden … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch flips | Sunday Times article on Snowden rife with errors

Today, Times Newspapers Ltd (TNL), the company that owns the Sunday Times, issued a copyright infringement notice to the legal owners of First Look/The Intercept, the online news magazine. The ostensible reason for this is that TNL believe that The … Continue reading

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Entire Stellar Wind (CIA/NSA ‘president’s surveillance program’) document here

A copy of the 400+ pages (700+ pdf) of the CIA/NSA ‘Stellar Wind’ (aka ‘President’s Surveillance’) Program is provided below. Recent commentaries are also included.  Stellar Wind was launched in 2001 and continued into the first two years of the … Continue reading

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Which is more reprehensible: censorship of a movie, or censorship of US war crimes?

We live in surreal times. In the same week that saw the publication of the heavily-redacted US Senate report into CIA torture; the refusal by the British Government that it knew about US renditions flights using UK territory; and the … Continue reading

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Barrett Brown: the journalist imprisoned for being in the wrong place at the wrong time

Barrett Brown On November 24th journalist and online investigative researcher Barrett Brown is to be sentenced to a possible eight years or more imprisonment for basically carrying out his job. Brown is based not in Egypt, or Iran, or North … Continue reading

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50 international ‘celebrities’ demand end of persecution of whistleblowers and leaks publishers

The Courage Foundation has just published a press release on how top actors and Nobel laureates – includes 50 signatories such as Russell Brand, Susan Sarandon, Roddy Doyle, Ken Loach, Viggo Mortensen – are stepping forward to support persecuted whistleblowers, … Continue reading

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