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Le nouveau Situationiste: l’esprit post-capitaliste de ’68 revient à la France

The period of unrest in France during May 1968 saw massive demonstrations and two weeks of general strikes across all regions of the country, universities were occupiesd and workers did the same in the factories. The entire economy of France … Continue reading

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Rojava: the real frontline against ISIS; inside the Kurdish revolution

Since their successful defense of Kobanê against the Islamic State a year ago, the Kurdish resistance movement – specifically the YPG (men’s milita) and YPJ (women’s militia) – has captured international media attention. Meanwhile, their experiment in forming a stateless … Continue reading

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The social revolutionary thread that links the Zapatistas of Mexico & the Kurds of Rojava

A gathering of Zapatista women Despite being continents apart, the struggles of the Kurds and Zapatistas share a common purpose – to resist capitalism, liberate women and build autonomy – and a common ideology. We have extensively covered what is … Continue reading

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World ignores 1000s of Yezidi women captured, raped and enslaved by ISIS

It is estimated that in the ISIS-occupied areas over 4 million women are subjugated and enslaved. Several thousand of these are Yezidis, captured last August and held as concubines, sold as slaves, humiliated, raped and tortured. The world has stood … Continue reading

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Interview with anti-ISIS warrior (Kurdistan)

The following is an interview with an environmentalist, vegetarian anarchist (see picture above) from Turkey and who is a member of Sosyal Isyan (Social Insurrection) and fighting as part of Birleşik Özgürlük Güçleri (United Freedom Forces) alongside the Kurdish YPG … Continue reading

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The peoples assemblies movement: part 2 – Greece

Peoples’ assemblies have been a dominant feature of anti-capitalism in Greece and Spain (see Part 1, published yesterday) for many years. In both countries this movement has paved the way for the success of Syriza and Podemos, respectively (though some … Continue reading

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Insight into the little-known ‘anarchist’ revolution underway in Rojava (western Kurdistan)

  Towards the end of last year reports filtered through of an ‘anarchist’ revolution underway in the Kurdistan province of Rojava. It appeared to have all the trappings in place – equality of gender, redistribution of wealth, levelling of hierarchies … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo: GCHQ, hypocrisy, radicalism, anarchism and heroism…

Charlie Hebdo is a product of French culture and a radical liberalism that stems directly from the 1830 French revolution and later the quasi-anarchist situationst movement of 1968. In France – where philosophers such as Diderot, Proudhon, Sarte, Vaniegem and … Continue reading

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Athens riots: anarchists and refugees show solidarity

Οn Tuesday afternoon I made my way to the Monastiraki area in Athens to attend a demonstration taking place in solidarity with imprisoned anarchist Nikos Romanos, who has been on hunger strike since the 10th of November, demanding that he be allowed to attend university … Continue reading

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