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Irish republicans demand Bloody Sunday killers be tried at The Hague

A far-left Irish republican organisation is demanding that all military personnel involved in the Bloody Sunday massacre be tried at The Hague. This comes after the prosecution service in the north of Ireland ruled that only one person would face … Continue reading

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The International Criminal Court is investigating US war crimes. But there’s a huge catch

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is investigating the US for alleged crimes committed during the post-9/11 occupation of Afghanistan. Specifically, the investigation is examining claims of torture and ill treatment. But there’s one big catch. It may not be able to examine … Continue reading

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Moves to prosecute Turkey’s president for crimes against humanity: the evidence

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is currently being asked to take action against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his ministers. Lawyers, meanwhile, have slammed their regime for “systematic war crimes”. And the evidence is overwhelming. Action through the ICC is the … Continue reading

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Australia’s refugee policy under siege: PM ignored at UN, re-submission to ICC, lawyers seek global help

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull cut a lonely figure as he outlined his immigration policy at the UN on 20 September. Increasingly under pressure for his government’s transport of refugees from the open seas to detention centres on Manus Island … Continue reading

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NGOs could join prosecution of Australian Govt re “Crimes Against Humanity” (bypassing the ICC)

The Australian Government has contravened numerous international laws, protocols and conventions regarding the hijacking, kidnapping and illegal and indefinite detention of refugees (see Appendix). Recently the Papua New Guinea courts ruled that the detention of refugees on Manus Island on … Continue reading

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ICC examines 1268 cases of UK war crimes in Iraq – also cases dismissed by UK inquiry

Just over a year back the Al-Sweady Inquiry (see Appendix) cleared British soldiers of war crimes in Iraq and, instead, blamed lawyers – Leigh Day and PIL – who represented the victims of those alleged crimes. However, some of the … Continue reading

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Australia’s asylum-seeker detention program: the four ICC submissions summarised

According to lawyer Greg Barns and MP Andrew Wilkie, this coming week will see Australian Immigration minister Peter Dutton MP subject to a request re. Australia’s offshore asylum-seeker policy by International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutors (see also Update, below). This … Continue reading

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Universal jurisdiction, Australia & offshore detention | case studies: Baltasar Garzon

Universal jurisdiction is a legal concept that has seen many politicians around the world arrested, charged, prosecuted and imprisoned for a range of crimes, including crimes against humanity, via – but not exclusively – the ICC (International Criminal Court). One … Continue reading

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More doctors slam Australia’s gagging law | Insight into ICC submission

The International Criminal Court has updated its investigation into the Australian Government’s notorious asylum-seekers policies and practices. Much of the work involved in providing evidence to the ICC on this case is due to a very courageous and determined migration … Continue reading

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As evidence of abuse mounts, prosecution of Abbott Govt in ICC looking more likely

A year or even six months ago most pundits would have agreed it was highly unlikely that an Australian prime minister would face prosecution in the International Criminal Court (ICC) regarding Government policy and treatment of asylum-seekers. But that was … Continue reading

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