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Anxious to conceal truth, this government agrees to a massive multi-million payout to refugees

The Australian government likes its refugees out of sight and out of mind. So it built offshore facilities to detain them. And it contracted them out to private companies. But now, a landmark settlement means that hundreds of refugees will … Continue reading

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Politician manufactured fake news to justify shootings on refugees

There is a call for the dismissal of Australia’s immigration minister Peter Dutton. This comes after Dutton issued a fake news report to explain shootings against refugees at the Manus Island (Papua New Guinea) detention centre. To read more, click … Continue reading

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Refugees on Australia’s offshore gulag shot at and attacked by navy/police; evacuation of 100s urged

Good Friday, and there are reports that hundreds of refugees detained illegally by the Australian Government on its offshore refugee detention centre on Manus Island (Papua New Guinea) are being attacked by PNG navy and police. Update: Reports of more … Continue reading

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Amnesty International warns off companies from taking up ‘toxic’ refugee detention contracts

A multinational corporation has raked in millions of dollars via a contract with the Australian government for the management of its offshore refugee detention facilities. But a damning report by Amnesty International makes it clear that the contract, which expires … Continue reading

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100s of refugees on Manus to commence litigation against Australia, with global implications

Hundreds of refugees are due to commence class action against illegal detention. If successful, the judgement would set a precedent and send a signal to governments that they have a legal responsibility of care to all refugees and asylum seekers. … Continue reading

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UPDATES: Sawari in custody; Amnesty report on persecution of ethnic Ahwazi Arabs by Iran

Loghman Sawari is a young refugee who fled Iran after his cousin was executed by the regime and his brothers tortured and imprisoned. After being illegally renditioned by Australia to its offshore gulag on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG), … Continue reading

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‘I, Daniel Blake’ takes Australia by storm – but not in the way you expect

An extortion racket is punishing the poorest and most vulnerable across Australian society. But far from being a criminal enterprise run by a mafia gang, the racket is being run by the Australian government. The astonishing debt recovery scandal aimed … Continue reading

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