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Tories underestimated complexity/costs of Brexit and provoking crash as only way out

Immediately after visiting Buckingham Palace to formally seek the dissolution of parliament, Theresa May took to a podium outside of 10 Downing Street. She appeared angry, and launched straight into a speech. But in doing so, she let slip how … Continue reading

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New investigation undermines the legitimacy of the entire Tory election strategy

A new investigation is looking into Leave.eu, one of the two pro-Brexit campaigns in the 2016 EU referendum. The outcome of this and another investigation into Leave.eu, as well as a separate investigation into Vote Leave, could prove damaging to … Continue reading

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Funder named in Ulster unionists’ Brexit row, will now target Scottish nationalists

A little-known organisation that quietly bankrolled a pro-Brexit campaign is now poised to target Scottish nationalists intent on a second independence referendum. The Constitutional Research Council (CRC) funded the Democratic Unionist Party’s (DUP) Brexit drive to the tune of £425,000. The money was used to … Continue reading

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Good news: proposal for everyone to get Universal Basic Income. Bad news: Britons excluded

    A proposal for universal basic income (UBI) is finally on the political agenda. If implemented, it will benefit millions of people who are in poverty or struggling to make ends meet. Unless, that is, you’re British. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Turkey (again) threatens Europe with refugees; court quashes ‘deep state’ convictions

Earlier this week Turkey’s prime minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu, warned he would end the EU-Turkey refugees deal if visa-free travel for Turks was not delivered as promised. This was a repeat of a similar threat issued last November by President Recep … Continue reading

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600+ “irregular migrants” returned to Turkey; Idomeni refugees release video

The return to Turkey of what are called ‘irregular migrants’ has actually been going on for some weeks, covertly, though now with the EU-Turkey deal agreed this practice is being done openly with hundreds of ‘irregulars’ expected to be returned … Continue reading

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Erdogan threatens to bus 1000s of refugees into Europe unless (accession/funds) demands met

A document – see four images below – suggests that Turkey threatened to bus into the European Union thousands more refugees from war zones unless the EU met Turkey’s demands for visa-free roaming (and accession) to the EU. The document … Continue reading

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