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Anti-Corbyn fake news has just hit a new low. And it’s likely to get far worse.

Fake news and smears aimed at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are nothing new. However, it’s not just the usual tabloids that are guilty of this, newer technologies are playing their part. These attacks are not only malicious but, more seriously, … Continue reading

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Once voters see through Johnson’s biggest lie yet, he’ll be history

UK prime minister Boris Johnson has predicated his entire electoral strategy on ‘getting Brexit done’. Yet this is a deceit, because his Brexit deal will likely involve not just months but years of further negotiations. Indeed, under Johnson, Brexit is … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson intends to force a ‘disaster capitalist’ Brexit on us, but Corbyn has other plans

In an interview on Sophy Ridge On Sunday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said his party was ready and prepared to fight an autumn general election. This comes as the ‘Brexit Gang’, led by Boris Johnson, is making it clear that … Continue reading

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Brexit or no Brexit, what most people really want is a more progressive and fairer society

  Not everyone who voted Brexit is racist. Though all racists who voted in the EU referendum would likely have voted Brexit. I refused to vote for anything that was backed by Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Liam Fox … Continue reading

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Is this man the REAL reason why Angela Eagle is standing for Labour leader?

  Anyone who has seen the interviews Angela Eagle gave on announcing her leadership challenge to Jeremy Corbyn will know at once that hers is not a serious bid for the Labour top position. Her performances were embarrassing and cringe-worthy. … Continue reading

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