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The cosy (dollars) relationship between asylum-seekers gulag lobbyists and Australian Government

This week it was announced that Transfield Services (rebranded as Broadspectrum) have had their contract to manage asylum seekers offshore detention centres (gulags) renewed for a second time – for four months. This is not surprising given the more than … Continue reading

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Australia refuses third-party countries from taking its asylum-seekers; claims re abuse/detention could run into $millions

There remains the option for third party countries – e.g. New Zealand, Canada or European countries – to take in asylum-seekers illegally imprisoned on Rape Island (Nauru) or Murder Island (Manus), though the current Australian Government refuses to consider such … Continue reading

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Why every Australian is inextricably linked to every asylum-seeker in offshore detention

When you see the name Transfield, you probably think about the company’s contract overseeing Australia’s notorious and illegal detention gulags on Manus Island and Nauru. But Transfield’s multi-million dollar empire also includes an array of subsidary companies that touch the … Continue reading

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Australia: legal challenge to asylum-seekers detention begins; unravelling Transfield’s financial web

This week, on Wednesday and Thursday, the Australian High Court will hear a submission by the Human Rights Law Centre that Australia’s offshore processing of asylum-seekers is illegal. If the court rules in favour of the submission – and assuming … Continue reading

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PNG locals threaten blockade of detention centre; Transfield ‘agree’ to return guards accused of rape

Transfield, the company which manages the notorious asylum-seekers detention centre at Manus Island, has allegedly agreed to return to Papua New Guinea the three guards employed by Wilson Security who are accused of the rape of a local woman after … Continue reading

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‘Black sites’ supply-chain company, Transfield: risks to shareholders if Govt prosecuted

Today it was announced by the Australian Department of Immigration & Border Protection that Transfield, the company that manages the Manus Island and Nauru asylum-seekers detention facilities – recently dubbed ‘black sites’ – is the preferred tenderer to bid for … Continue reading

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Australia’s Border Force humiliated in attempted racial profiling op | challenge issued to Transfield

Yesterday (Friday) a remarkable thing happened in Melbourne. Thousands (?) of people took to the streets with only an hour’s notice and stopped officers from the newly-formed Australian Border Force from racially profiling people in the streets to see if … Continue reading

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Nauru asylum-seekers centre: waterboarding & 20 other allegations: full details here

Today the Australian Senate received testimony on oath alleging that waterboarding and other torture was applied by Wilson Security staff against asylum-seeker detainees at the Australian funded and managed centre on Nauru. Below are all 21 allegations, followed by copies … Continue reading

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Australian detention centres: the firms that get away with murder – literally

A few days ago an asylum-seeker, Mohammad Nasim Najafi, died at Yongah Hill detention centre, Western Australia. He was only 27 years old and is survived by a wife and two children. His death has raised many questions about the … Continue reading

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Transfield confirms 100’s of asylum-seeker abuses; also allegations against Wilson Security

  Transcript of testimony provided earlier this week by Transfield, a multi-million dollar corporation and operator of the Nauru and Manus Island asylum-seekers detention centres, includes a tabular breakdown that confirms over 400 abuse cases – assaults and self-harm – … Continue reading

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