Nauru asylum-seekers centre: waterboarding & 20 other allegations: full details here

Today the Australian Senate received testimony on oath alleging that waterboarding and other torture was applied by Wilson Security staff against asylum-seeker detainees at the Australian funded and managed centre on Nauru. Below are all 21 allegations, followed by copies of two damning statements (in image format). The scandal of the Nauru centre now, surely, merits international scrutiny from the United Nations and via the ICC (International Criminal Court), where submissions have already been lodged. The offshore detention centres should be closed down and the entire asylum-seeker program ended. Lawyers need to step up.

(Note: there is a noticeable gap between each of the page images below.)

Select Committee on the Recent Allegations relating to Conditions and Circumstances at the Regional Processing Centre in Nauru: Submission 95


(The following is believed to be alleged by Jon Nichols, a security guard employed by Wilson Security.)

1. Waterboarding of asylum seekers throughout the facility;

2. “Zipping” asylum seekers to metal beds – this process occurs by using “cable ties” to secure an asylum seeker to a metal bed with metal bars at the base, the mattress is first removed before securing the asylum seeker, the bed is thrown into the air and injury caused to the asylum seeker as the bed strikes the floor (see photo below);

3. Goading asylum seekers into reacting and then “bashing” the asylum seeker;

4. Verbal and physical abuse (beating) of asylum seekers at random;

5. Fabrication of allegations (including documents) of misconduct by asylum seekers;

6. Fabrication of allegations (including documents) that certain asylum seekers participated in “the riot” when they did not, at the express direction of Wilson Security management that directed staff to “find me more”. Wilson Security forced asylum seekers to provide statements that certain other asylum seekers were rioting but these “informers” were not on Nauru at the time of the riot. They could have no knowledge of events. One of those “fingered” was shown to be seeking medical attention and could not have rioted. Presumably this injustice was done to justify Wilson Security’s existence as “an essential presence” on Nauru;

7. Wilson Security management directed the destruction of incriminating documents (pertaining to anything that needed to be covered up) by filing them into “FILE 13” – a code for an order to shred documents – regularly;

8. Wilson Security Management ordering ERT members to follow and film Senator Hanson-Young during her entire visit to Nauru. Those that filmed then gloated to other workmates how the Senator was followed and filmed, but she did not know, happy that she did not “twig”. The order to follow and film the Senator was given by “Ranger 1” – to the ERT who then carried out the order;

9. Our client is aware of where the film/s of Senator Hanson-Young were once kept but does not know if they still exist – he viewed 20 to 30 seconds of film on a Wilson Security employee’s mobile phone that he believes to be the Senator at her Hotel;

10. The parody of Senator Hanson-Young by distributing leaflets with a picture of Senator Hanson-Young crying in the Senate with a “Meme” style wording to the effect “Poor Whittle Refugees”. These were left about for the amusement of Wilson Security personnel and were known to exist by Wilson Security management;

11. The discouragement, under threat of instant dismissal, of Wilson Security staff from talking to Senator Hanson-Young during her visit to Nauru;

12. Wilson Security’s most senior management have lied to; misled or otherwise given incorrect evidence to the Committee, noting our client has read part of Hansard and disagrees with some crucial evidence – our client states “They have heard the truth according to Wilsons”;

13. When the Department of Immigration visited, a code “Alpha 1 call sign Scotty” would be distributed to alert all Wilson Security staff to be on their “best behaviour”;

14. An incident at “Jules Nightclub” on Nauru occurred when a male refugee was said to have inappropriately touched a female child-aid worker and several Wilson Security staff then set upon the refugee, “beating him senseless” and then threw the refugee from the balcony of the nightclub – this was known to Wilson Security management and at a meeting, the manager said, to the effect: “You’re lucky the media didn’t get a hold of the Jules incident”. Audio tape exists of these words;

15. Wilson Security staff are heavily comprised of NZ and Australian ex- Military personnel and ex- Corrective Services personnel – a culture of “hush” exists. Many Wilson Security staff fought against the asylum seekers they are now “guarding”.

16. Asylum seekers are dehumanised, referred to by boat/No. in preference to name;

17. There was never any drug and alcohol testing of Wilson Security staff but it was clear that substance abuse was rampant and Wilson Security management knew this;

18. Wilson Security staff were castigated for being “too friendly” to asylum seekers if they attempted to communicate with them in a civil manner for teaching English to a child 15yrs/16yrs and was removed from Camp 3 to Camp 2 for being “too friendly”;

19. Our client says “It was the Wild West”;

20. There is a lack of supervision of thug behaviour on Nauru.

21. No training was given to Wilson Security staff in caring for/dealing with the special mental health issues of the asylum seekers. Rather, the asylum seekers were simply cast as criminals from the start.


‘Zipping’: detainees tied to bed with cables

Appendix: additional statements (2 in total, cover 6 pages):









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