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Zapatista revolutionaries launch campaign to support deported/detained immigrants globally

The Zapatista movement in Mexico has launched a campaign to help financially support immigrants persecuted and deported by US President Donald Trump. But the focus of the campaign isn’t a protest march. It’s delicious organic coffee. The coffee is available to … Continue reading

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Journalist imprisoned on Australia’s gulag accuses health agency of death by neglect after latest tragedy

On Christmas Eve, Oscar and Delta compounds – two sections of Australia’s offshore prison on Manus Island – were wrecked after rioting. Wilson Security guards were ejected from the compounds. This was in response to the death of 27 year … Continue reading

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While tabloids and far-right peddle hate, one Devon town reminds us what compassion looks like

From Britain to Australia, the right-wing press and its ideological bedfellows have been at the forefront of a campaign against accepting refugees. But while this xenophobic spirit is threatening to bubble over in one Australian town, a sleepy town in the UK … Continue reading

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Holidaying Brits attacked for speaking English – not really, but this is what it’s like for ‘migrants’ in UK

In Britain a 40 year old Polish man, Arkadiusz Jóźwik, lost his life after allegedly been beaten to death by five youths merely because he was speaking a language other than English. Notwithstanding rank hypocrisy of the tabloid press – … Continue reading

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A Journalists & whistleblowers brief guide to sabotaging gagging laws

Post-Snowden, journalists and bloggers – and their sources – are now far more aware about how they need to be tech savvy to circumvent state surveillance. Some anti-surveillance technologies – as well as alternatives to those technologies – via which journalists, … Continue reading

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‘Peoples’ refugees’ rescue flotillas (Mediterranean-style) the LEGAL option for Australia

There are a growing number of ‘peoples’ flotillas – small and large boats – taking direct action and seeking out boats in the Mediterranean Sea carrying refugees who need rescuing. Some of these boats are organised by charities, such as … Continue reading

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Safe havens/aid, not gunships, key to Mediterranean refugee crisis

This week’s European Summit on the Mediterranean refugee crisis predictably got it all wrong. Their real message – as opposed to the contrite version to the media – is that nothing will be done to help the victims of various … Continue reading

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