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Secretly filmed footage reveals the horror of a genocide by British-backed regime

In a corner of south-east Asia, tens of thousands of men, women and children have reportedly been massacred, tortured or displaced. The alleged perpetrators are a sadistic military, legitimised by a Western-backed puppet regime. And it doesn’t help that the … Continue reading

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Zapatista revolutionaries launch campaign to support deported/detained immigrants globally

The Zapatista movement in Mexico has launched a campaign to help financially support immigrants persecuted and deported by US President Donald Trump. But the focus of the campaign isn’t a protest march. It’s delicious organic coffee. The coffee is available to … Continue reading

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Journalist imprisoned on Australia’s gulag accuses health agency of death by neglect after latest tragedy

On Christmas Eve, Oscar and Delta compounds – two sections of Australia’s offshore prison on Manus Island – were wrecked after rioting. Wilson Security guards were ejected from the compounds. This was in response to the death of 27 year … Continue reading

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While tabloids and far-right peddle hate, one Devon town reminds us what compassion looks like

From Britain to Australia, the right-wing press and its ideological bedfellows have been at the forefront of a campaign against accepting refugees. But while this xenophobic spirit is threatening to bubble over in one Australian town, a sleepy town in the UK … Continue reading

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Holidaying Brits attacked for speaking English – not really, but this is what it’s like for ‘migrants’ in UK

In Britain a 40 year old Polish man, Arkadiusz Jóźwik, lost his life after allegedly been beaten to death by five youths merely because he was speaking a language other than English. Notwithstanding rank hypocrisy of the tabloid press – … Continue reading

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A Journalists & whistleblowers brief guide to sabotaging gagging laws

Post-Snowden, journalists and bloggers – and their sources – are now far more aware about how they need to be tech savvy to circumvent state surveillance. Some anti-surveillance technologies – as well as alternatives to those technologies – via which journalists, … Continue reading

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‘Peoples’ refugees’ rescue flotillas (Mediterranean-style) the LEGAL option for Australia

There are a growing number of ‘peoples’ flotillas – small and large boats – taking direct action and seeking out boats in the Mediterranean Sea carrying refugees who need rescuing. Some of these boats are organised by charities, such as … Continue reading

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Safe havens/aid, not gunships, key to Mediterranean refugee crisis

This week’s European Summit on the Mediterranean refugee crisis predictably got it all wrong. Their real message – as opposed to the contrite version to the media – is that nothing will be done to help the victims of various … Continue reading

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Mediterranean refugee crisis: timeline of UK/NATO destabilisation of Libya

On behalf of UK Prime Minister David Cameron, senior Tories have accused Labour Party leader Ed Miliband of being ‘shameful’ and ‘provocative’ because he (Miliband) stated that the current Mediterranean refugee crisis was largely caused by the UK and its … Continue reading

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Mediterranean refugees – leaked doc: limit rescues, mass deportation, gunships

According to a leaked draft EU document (see below) the EU game plan for the Mediterranean refugee crisis is simple: take in a few refugees, deport en-mass the remainder (the vast majority), send in gunships to patrol the coast off … Continue reading

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