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Tories underestimated complexity/costs of Brexit and provoking crash as only way out

Immediately after visiting Buckingham Palace to formally seek the dissolution of parliament, Theresa May took to a podium outside of 10 Downing Street. She appeared angry, and launched straight into a speech. But in doing so, she let slip how … Continue reading

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Theresa May’s biggest lie exposes the very core of Tory electoral deceit

British prime minister Theresa May is the subject of mockery for her stage-managed election gatherings. And she is being ridiculed for her repetitive use, during the initial stages of the 2017 general election campaign, of the unimaginative slogan ‘Strong and … Continue reading

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EU referendum: real winner is radical right – and it’s about to get even nastier

Just prior to the EU referendum Undercoverinfo published an article, “If Brexit is the answer, then the wrong question was asked by the wrong people“. The correct question would have been: “Do you want years of far-right Tory-governed austerity – … Continue reading

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