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The Tories are to launch a police super computer. It will know every move you make.

The UK government announced it will launch a new police super database later this year. It will have advanced capabilities for data matching via multiple agencies. But that’s not all. According to the contract specifications, the database will also use … Continue reading

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An army of snoopers is being trained, but it is not run by GCHQ

  An army of spies is being trained across the British Isles. They are not ‘fifth columnists’ but the man in the pub, the woman on the bus, and even your fellow worker. A series of training modules, examined by The … Continue reading

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As “Snoopers Charter” becomes law, one ISP is showing how state surveillance can be bypassed

The Investigatory Powers Bill, or ‘Snooper’s Charter‘, is about to become law. This will make legal the mass surveillance technologies that UK agency GCHQ and its partners have deployed for the last decade or more, as revealed by Edward Snowden. … Continue reading

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