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‘Blacklisting’ in Britain is rife – and in the total surveillance society, no one is immune

Blacklisting, whereby people are denied work because of their political beliefs or affiliations, is illegal and allegedly no longer practised. But in our current surveillance society, a host of other intrusive practices have replaced it. Private companies may be vetting … Continue reading

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There’s a spycop inside your computer – and it’s not a game!

  Twenty-first century policing will see the cop disappear from the streets, only to reappear in your computer and smartphone. For the populace as a whole (and the police) this new reality presents new challenges. Britain’s police are now offered … Continue reading

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Anderson Report: forget the ‘oversight’ window-dressing; on course for total surveillance

Today David Anderson QC released his report on the UK’s surveillance laws and his recommendations on how they can be reformed/overhauled/improved. As with most reports of this kind it’s full of caveats and possibilities and the occasional criticism. But in … Continue reading

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