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Theresa May prefers refugees are out of sight, out of mind: try explaining that to the Yazidis

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron described Britain as “mean” for the attitude it displays to refugees. There are many Britons who would welcome refugees, and Farron was no doubt referring to a certain type of British citizen (either conservative or chauvinist) rather … Continue reading

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Report from the Kurd frontline: multiple attacks by Turkey; statement by YPJ commander

From the city of Shengal (captured by Kurds and Yezidis just over a week back) here is a statement (Part A) from the YPJ-Shengal commander Dersîm Şengalî, as well as statements (Part B) from Yezidi women participating in the fight … Continue reading

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Kurd/Yezidi forces liberate Sinjar from ISIS: reports/photos/video

At 10 am today, Friday, the joint forces of the Kurdish resistance announced they had liberated Sinjar (Shengal) province from ISIS. Yesterday the anarchist YPJ/YPG/ PKK forces and the US/Iranian backed Kurdish Peshmerga advanced towards the city of Shengal and … Continue reading

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