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Minbiç women liberated from ISIS – their horror stories and their desperate appeal for aid

For more than two months there has been a relentless war in the area of Minbiç. Minbiç is strategically important as it connects Turkey with Raqqa, the headquarters of ISIS. The area is also important for the protection of the … Continue reading

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In powerful speech to UN, woman who escaped ISIS demands liberation of Yezidis

In August 2014, Islamic State jihadists attacked Sinjar, home to over 400,000 Yezidis. Subsequently the United Nations confirmed that 5,000 Yezidi men were executed and as many as 7,000 women and girls were made sex slaves. Earlier this month the … Continue reading

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Report from the Kurd frontline: multiple attacks by Turkey; statement by YPJ commander

From the city of Shengal (captured by Kurds and Yezidis just over a week back) here is a statement (Part A) from the YPJ-Shengal commander Dersîm Şengalî, as well as statements (Part B) from Yezidi women participating in the fight … Continue reading

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ISIS survives largely because Turkey allows it to: the evidence

The real frontline confronting ISIS is not US or French bombers (the latter currently targeting Raqqa, a city with 140,000 civilians, who are virtual prisoners of ISIS) but the Kurds of Iraq and northern Syria. Just over a week ago … Continue reading

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Kurd/Yezidi forces liberate Sinjar from ISIS: reports/photos/video

At 10 am today, Friday, the joint forces of the Kurdish resistance announced they had liberated Sinjar (Shengal) province from ISIS. Yesterday the anarchist YPJ/YPG/ PKK forces and the US/Iranian backed Kurdish Peshmerga advanced towards the city of Shengal and … Continue reading

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Kurds fear massacre by Turkish military; Yezidi women join forces with YPJ to fight ISIS

No prizes for spotting the deliberate contradiction in the title of this story. Yezidi women, some of whom were held captive by ISIS but escaped, have now joined forces with the YPJ (Kurdish women’s militia) – their objective: to take … Continue reading

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World ignores 1000s of Yezidi women captured, raped and enslaved by ISIS

It is estimated that in the ISIS-occupied areas over 4 million women are subjugated and enslaved. Several thousand of these are Yezidis, captured last August and held as concubines, sold as slaves, humiliated, raped and tortured. The world has stood … Continue reading

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