Blacklisted: 600 UK companies yet to be sued by 30,000 workers on Economic League files


Today it was announced that 256 construction workers would receive £10 million in compensation as a result of blacklisting. Earlier this month 420 trade unionists secured damages of around £50m and there have also been out-of-court settlements. Altogether 800 building workers have sought compensation: the unions calculate that the total paid out will amount to £75m (plus legal costs). However, The Consulting Association blacklisted more than 3000 workers – some on the TCA ‘green list’ (where there is little proof of defamation) – and it’s uncertain whether many of these cases will ever get to court. But there is a much bigger figure to ponder: namely, the list managed by The Consulting Associations’s predecessor, the Economic League (which had regional offices throughout the UK and which survived for more than 70 years). The EL list is believed to contain around 30,000 names. The current battles against blacklisting afford a glimpse into what, in reality, was class warfare on a sustained and massive scale over many decades: indeed, the Economic League list (names of the businesses and the key players are given below) shows that almost every major company in the UK was complicit.

UPDATE: Building firms have agreed to pay about £75m to 771 blacklisted workers, under out-of-court settlements to avoid a trial. Details here.

Notes: 1. See Appendix (end of article) on how the Economic League was ended. 2. For more on blacklisting – its history and how it works today, see: Blacklisting, a book by Dave Smith and Phil Chamberlain and the Spies At Work website.

A. Introduction

Blacklisting of trade unionists, political protesters, etc has been going on for decades (and is still rife). The main blacklisting agency, until its demise in 1993, was the Economic League. Much of the EL’s work was taken over by the The Consulting Association, led by Ian Kerr and which was closed down in 2009. Undercover police also infiltrated unions, according to testimony given earlier this year.

In 2009 the Information Commissioner’s Office seized a Consulting Association database of 3,213 construction workers and environmental activists, used by 44 companies to vet new recruits and keep out of employment trade union and health and safety activists. Talks between GMB and construction employers (Balfour Beatty, Carillion, Costain, Kier, Laing O’Rourke, Sir Robert McAlpine, Skanska UK and VINCI PLC) on a compensation scheme for 3,213 blacklisted workers broke down in June 2014 over the amount of money being put into the scheme by the employers. Employers unilaterally launched a cut price scheme (GMB estimated it would cost less than 2% of the combined profits of the eight construction firms). Claims for compensation were served by law firm Leigh Day for GMB members. GMB’s claims were joined with a further 449 claims by other unions and parties at the High Court. There was a directions hearing on all 571 cases, beginning 17th December 2014, 13th February, 14th May and 14 July 2015. Only 1,724 out of the 3,213 workers on the list knew they are on a blacklist. 467 of these were identified by themselves or by their unions. 571 cases were covered by claims in the High Court. The ICO contacted direct a further 1,257 and of these 776 were sent a copy of their files.  That still left 1,489 from the CA list still to trace.

But that’s just the TCA listing. What about the Economic League listing? The full details of the estimated 30,000 blacklisted workers on the EL listings are yet to be revealed.

In the meantime here is a breakdown of the 600 plus companies that were at the forefront of blacklisting industry over many decades.

The list shows that nearly every major company in the UK was complicit: it was class warfare.

The above video includes Jack Winder, who was one of the directors of the Economic League – see below.

B. The EL blacklisters

(Note: the following information is via the Spies At Work website.)

Below is a list of companies that made donations or subscribed to the Economic League and/or included a director on the League’s Central Council 1975-1989… This is a list of slightly more than 600 companies known to have been connected with the Economic League in its last twenty years. Of these about 400 paid a subscription or made a donation to the League, while the remainder are known to have had a director who were on the Central Council of the Economic League.

The list was compiled from reliable sources, including “Labour Research” and “State Research”, which obtained their information from the annual reports of the companies making donations. Some in the list were published by “World in Action” and the “Observer”; others were taken from internal documents leaked.

The details of directorships are taken from the company records of The Economic League Co. Ltd. After 1988 a number of companies claimed to have broken their links with the League in some way or another and others qualified their support for the League. Such claims were usually worded cautiously, and sometimes in a downright misleading way. Amec, for example told one council with whom it was entering a £20m contract, that it did not subscribe to the Economic League but did use the services of The Services Group (see below). This is not to suggest that all such claims are merely public relations exercises. It does however suggest that some companies were less than frank in their response to straight questions. It is also known that some companies employed indirect methods of making payments to the League: the pharmaceutical retailer, Boots, for example, used the British United Industrialists, others have made payments via a solicitor’s and at least one, British Leyland, handled its contacts with the League through a small and little-known subsidiary.

A very brief comparison of this list with the “Times 1000” for 1986 revealed some interesting facts: six of the top ten, twenty of the top fifty and thirty seven of the top one hundred UK companies occur in this list. Together in 1986 these companies alone employed more than 2.1 million people. The list also included: nine of the top fifty investment trusts, ten of the top fifty Life Insurance Companies and ten of the top fifty non-life insurance companies.

  1. The “600 Group”

(Note: companies marked with a “+” are those which have a director in common with the Economic League.)

A Anderson & Sons
A Longworth & Sons +
A E Symes
A. Monk & Co
A. P. C. M. +
Acme Signs and Displays
Acrian (UK) +
Addle Shaw & Latham
AEGT Pension Trust +
Air UK +
Air Holdings +
Airwork +
Akroyd and Smithers +
Alcan Enfield Alloys
Alder & Mackay
Alexanders Discount +
Alldee Nominees +
Allied Lyons +
Allmay & Layfield
Alpine Double Glazing
AMEC Construction Services
Amey Roadstone
Anchor Chemical Co +
Anthony Gibbs Holdings
Arbuthnot & Savory Mills +
Ardon Contractors
Ashton Court (Sale) +
Associated Engineering
Associated Fisheries
Augustus Barnett
Automotive Products
Avenfield (Pty) Limited – South Africa +
Babcock Power Engineering
Babcock & Wilcox +
Baker Perkins Holdings
Balfour Beatty Construction
Bankers I T +
Barclays Bank
Barfab Reinforcement
Barrow Hepburn Group
Bass Charington
BAT Industries
Battle Farm Lands +
Baxter Bros (1920) +
Baxter Fell International
Beagle Nominees +
Beecham Products
Benson Turner
Berkley Hambro Property
Bernard Sunley
Biggs Wall
Birmid Qualcast
Blue Circle Group +
Bomag (GB)
Border & Southern StockholdersA. Introduction IT +
Bovis Construction
Bowater +
BPB Industries
Bradford & District Newspapers
Braithewaite Engineering
Brewers Society
Bricomin Farms +
Bricomin Investments +
Bridon +
Britannic Finance Trust +
British Telecom
British Manufacture & Research
British Engine
British Commonwealth Investment Co +
British Ropes
British Leyland
British & Commonwealth (Group Management) +
British & Commonwealth Shipping Co (Hotel & Travel Enterprise) +
British & Commonwealth Shipping Co PLC +
British Air Transport (Holdings) +
British & Commonwealth Shipping Co (Aviation) +
British And South American Steam Navigation +
British and Commonwealth
British Vita Co
British United Industrialists +
British Aluminium
British Investment Trust Bullock Construction
Brocklehurst Mews Maintenance +
Brooke Bond Leibig
Brooklands House +
Bryant Construction
Brymo Steel
Building Joinery Components +
Building Employers Federation
Burmah Oil
C T Bowring
C.B.I. Management Education Committee +
Caledonia Investments +
Cambrian Soft Drinks +
Cape Industrial Products
Cape Boards
Capital and Countries Property
Carlton Mansions +
Carpets International Clayton Dewandre
Cawoods Holdings
Cayzer Irvine Shipping +
Cayzer Ltd +
Cayzer Gartmore Investments +
Cayzer Irvine (Investments) +
Cayzer Irvine (Property Management) +
Cayzer Irvine (Group Finance) +
Cayzer Irvine (Insurance Management) +
Cayzer Irvine & Co +
Cayzer Trust – The +
Cedar IT
Cementmakers Federation
Centre for Policy Studies – The +
Chanton Engineering
Chapel Court (Ashton) +
Charles Stephenson Funeral Directors
Charlton Leslie Construction
Chartered Trust Agency +
Chevron Foods +
Chloride Industrial Batteries
Christian Coull Consultants +
Chritian Salvessen PLC +
Chrysler UK
Ciba Geigy
City National Investment Trust +
Clan Line Investments +
Clan Line Steamers – The +
Clanair +
Clos-o-mat (Great Britain) +
Clothing & Allied Products Industrial Training Board
Clyde Nominees +
Coates Bros & Co
Commercial Union +
Commercial Street Nominees +
Compair Broomwade
Compaq Computer Corporation
Consolidated Goldfields +
Consumer & Video Holdings +
Continental Union Agricultural Holdings +
Continental Union Finance Co +
Cookson Group
Corals Racing
Costain (UK)
Courage +
Coutts & Co
Crabtree Vickers
Crane Fruehauf Trailers
Crewkerne Investments +
Daniel Thwaites
Davidsons Ltd
De La Rue
Dean Craft Fahey +
Delta Enfield Cables
DFM Holdings +
Dickinson Robinson Group
Dock & Airport Services +
Dominion General Trust
Doncasters Shefield(Inco Europe)
Donkin & Co +
Dow Scandia
Dowsett Engineering Construction
Dowty Communications
Drake & Skull Holdings
Drayton Japan Trust +
Drummonds Branch Nominees +
Dundee Office Royal Bank Of Scotland Nominees +
Dupont Plastic Gas Pipes
Duritas Trustees +
E C Stenson
Eagle Star
East Lancashire Papers Group
Eastman Kitchens
Edbro (Holdings)
Edgar Allen BalfourA. Introduction
Edifice Trustees +
Edinburgh West End Nominees +
Edmund Nutall
Electra IT +
Engineering Employers Federation +
English and New York Trust
English Electric
English China Clays
Equity Capital Trustees +
Evans Medical
Ever Ready Holdings +
Everards Breweries +
Faber Prest Holdings
Fairclough Construction
Fairey Co
Fairey Group
Fairport Engineering
Federated Employers’ Press +
Field Tanksteamship Co +
Field Industries Ltd – Zimbabwe +
Field Industries Africa Ltd – South Africa +
Field Aviation Co Ltd – Canada +
Fitch Lovell
Flemming Technology IT +
Flemming Far East Trust +
Ford Motor Company
Foreign And Colonial IT +
Forthaven +
Forward Chemicals +
Fraser House commercial Developments +
Frederick Robinson +
Freemantle & Co +
French Kier
Friends Provident Life Office +
Frobisher Gardens Maintenance +
Fry Construction
Furness Withy & Co
G Percy Trentham
G.K.N +
Galliford Sears
Gartmore Investment Management +
Gartmore Securities +
Geest Holdings
General Combustion
Geoffrey Osborne
George Wimpey
Gerrard & National Discount
Gibson Crude Oil Purchasing Co Ltd – Canada +
Gillinghm Woodcraft
Glasgow Stockholders
Glass Bulbs
Goldsmiths Research Foundation +
Gordon Street Nominees +
Grand Metropolitan Contract Services
Greater Manchester Economic Development Corporation +
Greater Manchester Residuary Body +
Green’s Economiser +
Greenall Whitley +
Greene King
Greene King +
Greenhalls +
Group 4 Total Security
Guardian IT
Guardian Royal Exchange
H & J Quick
H J Heinz
Hall Engineering (Holdings) +
Halmatic +
Hampton’s Wholefoods +
Hanley Economic Building Society +
Hanson Engineering
Hanson Trust
Hardys & Hanson
Harlands of Hull Hambros
Harry Neal
Harrytown Hall Maintenance +
Hartwells of Oxford
Hawker Siddeley +
Hazleton UK
Head Office Nominees +
Hector Whaling +
Hepworth Ceramic Holdings Henry Barratt
Herbert Ferryman
Hereford English Wine
Hewden Stuart Crane
Hiram Walker & Sons (Sctl)
Hogg Robinson +
Homfray & Co +
Houlder Bros
Howard Doris Construction
Howson Algraphy
Huntaven Properties Ltd +
Hunters Foods
Huntfield Trust Ltd +
Hunting & Son +
Hunting Firecracker +
Hunting Associated Survey Holdings +
Hunting Associated Industries +
Hunting Group +
Hunting (Eden) Tankers +
Hunting Petroleum (America) +
Hunting Survey & Photographic +
Hunting Painting Contractors +
Hunting International (Holdings) +
Hunting Gibson +
Hunting Investments +
Hunting Surveys and Consultants +
Hunting Steamship Co +
Hunting Aviation Management +
Hunting Engineering Management +
Hunting Associates Limited – Canada +
Hunting Composites +
Hunting Oil & Gas +
Hunting Holdings +
Huntley & Sparks (Lands) +
Huntley Cook & Co +
Hyphen Fitted Furniture
Imperial Group
Inner Guard
Institute of Personnel Management +
Institutional Fund Managers +
Insulated Buildings Ltd Interiors
Intercosmetics +
International Shipping Information Services +
International Westminster Bank +
Iron Trades Insurance +
J H Fenner & Co
J Bibby & Sons +
J R Govett
James Longley
James Galt & A. IntroductionCo
James Neill Holdings +
James Walker
Jenks & Cattell +
John Jones Excavations
John E Wiltshire
John Mowlem
John I Jacobs
John Laing Construction
John Wilmott Group
Johnson Matthey
Jonas Woodhead & Sons
Jones Laing Wootton
K Wool Products
Keeton & Sons
King Line +
King Investigation Bureau
Kingsway Nominees +
Kleinwort Overseas IT +
Kleinwort Charter IT +
Kleinwort Benson Lonsdale +
Komatsu UK
Kyle Stewart
L.D.C. Trust Management +
Lake View IT +
Lamson Industries
Law Debenture Overseas +
Law Debenture Trust Corporation PLC +
Law Debenture Intermediary Corporation +
Law Debenture Corporation PLC +
Laycock Engineering Lloyds Bank +
Lead Industries Group
Legal and General
Lincoln Woodworking
Lindsay Oil Refinery
Lister Peter
Lombard Street Nominees +
London & Southhampton Stevedoring Co. +
London-American Maritime Trading +
London Brick Co
London Prudential IT
Low & Bonar
Lyon & Lyon
M & G
M & G Group +
M J Gleeson
Magnet Joinery
Magnet Metals
Main Gas Appliances
Maintenance Chemicals +
Management Search International +
Manchester Chamber of Commerce +
Manor House Hotel (Castle Combe) – The +
Markham Systems
Marlar International +
Marley Group
Marples International Holdings
Massey Ferguson
Matthew Hall Engineering
Matthew Clark & Son +
Maxwell UK
McCarthy & Stone
McGlauchlin & Harvey
McKenhie Bros
Meldrum Investment Trust PLC +
Metal Box +
Midland Bank +
Miller Buckley
Miller Construction
Mineral Drilling International +
Missouri Maintenance +
MJN Newcastle
Mono Pumps
Morgan Crucible +
Morgan Grenfell +
Mount Nelson Hotel +
National & Commercial +
National Westminster Bank +
Nestle & Co
Nicholas Lane Nominees +
Nico Construction
North British Hire Purchase +
Northern Petroleum and Bulk Freight +
Northern Engineering Estates
Norwest Holst
Norwich Union Insurance
Norwood Estates (Stretford) +
Ocean Transport & Trading +
Ondawel (GB) +
Oxford University Appointments Committee +
P C Harrington Contracts
P Hassall
Parkfield Jersey +
Pauline Hyde & Associates +
Penrith Door Co
Pentland IT
Phoenix Steel Tube
Phoenix Assurance +
Picadilly Nominees +
Plaxtons (Scarboro)
Plessey Group +
Plessey Group
Portland Group Factors +
Powell Duffryn
Power Steels
Powers Samas
Precision Cast Parts Corporation
Press Offshore
Project Direction Ltd +
Provincial Insurance
Ptarmigan (Nove Leather)
R & M Fabrications
R R & J Willan +
R W Willan (Estates) +
R M Douglas Construction
R.B. Property Nominees +
Racal Guardall (Sctl)
Radio Forth +
Rank Hovis McDougall Royal Insurance
Ransome Sims & Jefferies
RCO Contract Services
Readicut International +
Reckitt & Colman
Record Ridgeway +
Redhill Aerodrome +
Redhill Flying Club +
Redland Engineering
Regent Street Nominees +
Reliance Security ServicesRuberoid
Rexodan +
Rexshire Ltd +
Richard Costain
Rockware Group +
Rockwell (UK) +
Roland Long Associates +
Ross Foods
Rosser & Russell Building Services
Royal Bank of Scotland & Prosper Nominees +
Royal Insurance
Royal Bank of Scotland – The +
Royal Bank of Scotland Group – The +
Royal Bank of Scotland (Aberdeen) Nominees – The +
Royal Bank of Scotland (Central Branch, Glasgow) Nominees – The +
Rudolf Wolff & Co +
Rush & Tomkins Group +
Samuel Webster Breweries
Samuel Jones
Sanderson Walker & Sons (Sctl)
Sanderson Kayser
Sankey Sugar +
SBAC (Farnborough) +
Scotcom Nominees +
Scottan Investments +
Scottish Council for Development and Industry – The +
Scottish Lion Insurance Co – The +
Scottish Lion Investments +
Scottish National Trust +
Scottish and Newcastle Breweries
Scottish United Investors +
Scottish Shire Line – The +
Scottish lion Holdings +
Scottish Tanker Co. – The +
Sea Lion Investments +
Seabridge Shipping +
Seapool +
Secdee Nominees +
Second Industrial Trust +
Securites Limited +
Senior Engineering
Sheffield Testing Works +
Shell Petrol +
Shephard Hill
Shepherd Neame +
Sinclair & Collis
Singer & Friedlander +
Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons
Sir Alfred McAlpine
Slough Estates
Slough Newspaper Printers
Smiths Warehousing Group +
Smiths Industries
Society of British Aerospace Companies – The +
South Wales Electricity Board +
Spath Holme +
Spear & Jackson
Spirax-Sarco +
St Vincent Street Nominees +
St Mary Axe Holdings +
Stag Line +
Standard Broadcasting Corporation of Canada +
Standard Continuous
Staveley Industries +
Sterling Industries +
Stockbridge Engineering Steels
Stockholders IT
Stone Platt Industries
Storreys of Lancaster
Streed Ltd
Sulzer (UK)
Sun Alliance +
Swan Hunter Group
Symbol Biscuits
Symmonds English Wine +
Syntex Pharmaceuticals
T C Harrison
T S Overy
Tabuchi Electrical UK
Tanganika Concessions
Tanks Consolidated IT +
Tarmac Construction
Taskman Security Services
Tate & Lyle +
Taylor Woodrow
Thermal Syndicate
Thirsk Racecourse Ltd +
Thomas Borthwick & Sons
Thomas Grice & Co Tallent Engineering
TI Domestic Appliances
Tilbury Contracting
Total Oil Marine
Touche, Remnant & Co +
Touche, Remnant Holdings +
TR Industrial & General Trust PLC +
TR North American Investment Trust PLC +
TR Technology Investment Trust PLC+
TR City of London Trust +
TR Pacific Basin IT +
TR Holdings (1974) +
TR Natural Resources +
TR Trustees Corporation +
TR Australia Investment Trust PLC +
Trafalgar House +
Tragen Finance +
Trans Oceanic Trust +
Transmanche Link
Transport Development Group
Travel Savings (I) +
Travel Savings +
Travel Savings (XII) +
Trico Folberth
Tube Investments +
Tube Investments
Turner & Newall
Turner & Newall +
Turriff Corporation
Tysons (Contractors)
Tytherington Court +
Union Castle Mail Steamship Co – The +
Union Street Nominees +
Union castle Line +
Union Discount Co of London
Uniroyal Englebert Tyres
United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident Institution +
United Molasses
Urquhart Engineering +
Valour Heating
Varian TEM
Vaux Breweries
Venesta International Components
Vickers Instrument Co
Victor International Plastics
W & T Avery
W H Smith Electrical Engineers Group
Wagon Industrial Holdings +
Walsall Conduits
Walter Lawrence
Walter Llewelyn & Sons
Wandel & Halterman & Co
Wardle Court +
Wardley Group
Weir Group
West George Street Nominees +
Western Royal Bank of Scotland Nominees +
Westments +
Westminster Contractors
Westminster Bank +
Westminster Press
Wests Group International
Whalley House +
Whinney Murray & Co +
Whitbread +
Wilkinson Match
Willan Home Improvements +
Willan Bros (Sale) +
Willan Properties +
Willans of Macclesfield +
William H Herbert +
William Baird & Co
William Latimer & Co +
William Boulton Group +
William Jackson
Williams and Glyns +
Wilmot Breeden +
Wilsons Breweries
Wm Teacher Ltd +
Woodhunt Property +
Woolsey house +
Worthington Simpson
Y J Lovell Construction
Yorkshire Bank PLC +
Yorkshire Post Newspapers +

2. The “Services Group”

This was a group of construction companies within the Economic League. These companies paid a higher subscription to subsidise League employees who specifically look after the construction Industry. The personnel officers of these companies notified the League of any employees, or sub-contractors, who are regarded as “troublemakers”…

A Monk & Co
Alfred McAlpine
AMEC Amey Roadstone
Balfour Beatty
Costain UK
D T Bullock
Edmund Nutall
Flour (GB)
French Kier (Const)
G Percy Trentham
Geoffrey Osborne
George Wimpey
Harry Neal
James Longley & Co
John Laing
John Wittshier Group
John Wilmott Group
Kyle Stewart
M J Gleeson Group
Marples International Holdings
Matthew Hall Electrical & Mechanical
McCarthy & Stone
Miller Construction
Nico Construction
Norwest Holst
RM Douglas
Rush & Tomkins Group
Sir Robert McAlpine & Sons
Tarmac Tellings
Taylor Woodrow
Tilbury Contracting Group
Trafalgar House
Turriff Corp.
Tyson (Contractors)
Walter Lawrence
Walter Llewellyn & Sons
Y J Lovell Holdings

C. A short history of who’s who in the Economic League

In the course of its seventy years of operations the Economic League has attracted onto its central and regional councils a remarkable number of powerful and influential men. It has simply not been practical to provide even a modest curriculum vitae for each entry and if you would like to no more about those on the lists I can do no more than refer you to the standard reference sources: “Who’s Who”, “The Times Index”, “Dictionary of Business Biography”, “Dictionary of National Biography”, professional and business registers, your local history library, and of course, in a number of cases, standard history texts.
The following list takes two historical snapshots of the membership of the Economic League’s main governing bodies: A. Introductionin the mid 1920’s and at the time of the formation of the Limited Company in 1951. “1925”, “1926” or “1927” after a name indicates the first known date of appointment, in some cases it might be earlier. “1951” indicates that the person was a founding member of the Economic League Co Ltd. In between these dates a few names of possible interest have been added. “(MP)” indicates that a person served as a Member of Parliament at some stage of their career, although I am afraid it is possibleA. Introduction I have overlooked a few of these.

To these names of, primarily historical, interest are the names of Central Council members from over fifteen years or so. (The composition of the Central Council over its last five years is given in a separate list.)

1. Central Council members

ALLEN, H. G. Central Council 1925
ALLEN, JOHN SANDEMAN (MP) Liverpool 1925
ANDREWES, E. D. E. Central Council 1972-1976 res 1977
ANDREWS, ARTHUR Central Council 1925
ANDREWS-JONES, D. Central Council 1984
APPLEBY, Capt WILLIAM Hon Treasurer, North East Coast 1933 1951
ARCHER, A. W. Leeds 1926
ARMSTRONG, Col. O. C.Central Council 1925
ASHWORTH, PETER E. Central Council 1982
ASTBURY, Commander A. W. (MP) Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
BAIN, F.W. Liverpool 1925
BAKER, J. ELLIS Central Council 1925
BALFOUR, SIR ARTHUR (LORD RIVERDALE) Founder, Sheffield executive 1926
BALLANTYNE, H. Liverpool & District Organiser, 1933
BARDSLEY, J. B. Sheffield 1926
BARKER, T. B. Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
BARNET, WALTER Midlands 1925
BARRAN, Sir DAVID Central Council 1972-79 (resigned). President 1972/3
BATEMAN, Lieut. Col. C. M. Central Council 1925 Keighley 1926
BECKETT, Hon RUPERT Central Council 1925 Leeds (President) 1926
BENSON, E. R. Central Council 1925 Huddersfield (President) 1926
BEST, P. A. London exec ??????
BIDDER, Lieut. Col M. M. Central Council 1925 Leeds 1926 1927
BINNS, J. SPENCER Keighley 1926
BLAND, G. H. Hull executive 1925
BLENKINSOP, A. Sheffield 1926
BOOT, CHARLES Sheffield 1926
BRIDGE, Maj W. J. Central Council 1984
BROCKLEHURST, E. S. Hull executive, 1925
BRODIE, Maj. THOMAS Central Council 1984 (Vice president)
BROOKES, Lord Raymond Brookes until 1975 Central Council 1972-77 resigned 1978
BROOKSBANK, W. Huddersfield & District Organiser, 1933.
BROWN, F.E. Huddersfield executive 1926
BROWN, PETER, BOSWELL Sheffield 1926
BURRELL, F. H. Hull executive 1925
CAILLARD, VINCENT Central Council 1925
CANBY, Alderman THOMAS Huddersfield executive 1926
CAPRO, A. J. Sheffield 1926
CAREY, W. H. Nottinghamshire Committee 1927
CARLILE Central Council 1972-83 resigned 1984
CARTER, E. G. Central Council North East Area 1971-1978 died
CAYZER, Lord NICHOLAS Central Council 1972
CHADWICK, F. T. Leeds 1926
CHALLEN, Maj J. Lancashire & Cheshire 1927
CHAMBERLAIN Central Council 1976, 1977
CHAPPELL, E. P. Central Council 1977-79, resigned 1980
CHARLESWORTH, R. Sheffield 1926
CHEVERTON-BROWN, Alderman M. Hull 1925
CHILD, ALWYN Leeds 1925
CHORLEY, I. J. South Wales 1925
CLARK, Lieut. Col. EDWIN KITSON Leeds 1927
CLARK, HENRY North East Coast 1925
CLARK, W. Sheffield 1926
CLIVE, ROBERT Sheffield 1926
CLOUGH, HENRY S. Keighley President 1926
COATES, WILLIAM HENRY Central Council 1927
COGGAN, CHARLES Nottingham Treasurer 1927
COOKSON, CLIVE North East Coast 1925 1951
CORDINGLEY H. B. Keighley 1926
CORY, Sir CLIFFORD (MP) Central Council 1925, MP
COULL, JAMES Central Council 1987
CRAIG G. Leeds. Hudersfield 1926
CRAWFORD, ARCHIBALD National Director of Policy and Propaganda 1925/1926
CROWTHER, LAWRENCE Huddersfield 1926
DAWES, C. A. W. Central Council 1971-1982 died
DENISON, W. B.Leeds 1926
DENNISS, A. J. London 1925
DETTMER, JOHN STANLEY Central Council 1977-78, Vice President,
Director General
DIXON, EDWARD Sheffield, President. 1926 Central Council 1925
DOBSON, Col B. PAULIN Lancashire & Cheshire 1927
DOBSON, E. London 1925
DOCKER, FRANK DUDLEY Central Council 1925
DORMAN, ARTHUR North East Coast 1926
DOWDING, Lord Central Council 1984
DREW, W. NEWTON Sheffield 1926
DUNLOP, R. J. Central Council 1976-79 resigned 1980
EAGLESOME, Sir JOHN Leeds 1926
EARLE, S. G. T. Midlands 1926
EDWARDS, P. G. Central Council North East 1977 – President?
ELLIOTT Sheffield 1926
ELLIS, G. A. Huddersfield 1926
ELLIS, Sir WILLIAM HENRY Sheffield 1926
ELSE, H. C. Sheffield 1926
ERROLL, Lord Central Council 1977-83, resigned 1984
EVANS, J. ORMUND Midlands 1925
EVETTS, Lieut. Gen. Sir JOHN Central Council 1972-1976
FAHEY, D. Central Council 1983
FAIRER, Maj WALTER C. Lancashire & Cheshire 1927
FILDES, Sir HENRY (MP) Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
FINNEY, VICTOR HAROLD (MP) Area Officer Lancashire & Cheshire 1933
FIRTH, Sir ALGERNON F. Central Council 1925
FIRTH, C. Central Council 1976-84 resigned 1985, died 1985
FLATHER, D. Sheffield 1926
FORD, Alderman H. GLOVER Nottingham General Committee
FORSTER, J. H. B. North East Coast 1925
FORSTER, WILLIAM Nottingham 1927
FORSTER, Maj W. Leeds. Midlands 1925
FOWLER, N. Central Council resigned 1976
FRASER, J. D. Central Council 1972-1974 resigned 1975
FREMANTLE, R. Central Council 1983
FRITH, HENRY Keighley 1927
GAINFORD, LORD President Central Council 1925, 1926 BBC, Mineowner, FBI etc
GAINSFORD, Maj A. J. Sheffield 1926
GARDNER, D. Central Council 1972-77
GEDDES, Sir AUKLAND C. Chairman 1925-26
GEE, PHILIP Central Council 1925
GIBB, MAURICE S. North East Coast 1925
GIBSON, FINALY A. Central Council 1925 South Wales 1925
GLADSTONE, ROBERT Liverpool 1925
GLYNN, J. P. R. Central Council 1973-78 resigned 1979
GOSLING, W. Hull 1925
GOULD P. Leeds. South Wales 1925,1926
GOULD J. C. Central Council 1925 James Childs? (MP)
GOW, MAXWELL HARPER Central Council 1984
GOWAN A. B. North East Coast 1925
GRAHAM, Sir WILLIAM South Wales 1925
GRAY, H. A. BENNIE Huddersfield 1926
GREENAWAY, P. D. C. Central Council 1983
GRIEVE,,T.aR.rCentral Council11974-79
GRIMTHORPE, Lord Central Council 1972-8
GROVES, Col. JOHN EDWARD GRIMBLE Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
GWYNNE, NEVILE GWYN Central Council 1925
HADDON-GRANT, M. Central Council 1980-1983, 1984
HADFIELD, Sir ROBERT A. Central Council 1925
HALE, GRAHAM Central Council 1987
HAMILTON, C. A. C. Central Council 1976-1979 resigned 1980
HAMPTON, A. B. Central Council 1976, 1977- ?
HARDIE, H. D. S. Central Council 1980-1983, 1984
HARDING Central Council 1986
HARDISTY, A. H. Huddersfield 1926
HARPER, R. South Wales 1925
HARRISON, JOSEPH Lancashire & Cheshire 1925, 1926
HARTLEY, A. D. Keighley 1926
HEARD, ARTHUR W.South Wales 1925
HENDERSON-TATE, R. Chair, North Midlands 1965-71 Central Council 1965-71, died 1972
HENRY, Sir JOHN Central Council 1925
HEWLETT, Lord NW Region 1976-79 Central Council 1978/79
HEY, Col W. L. Central Council 1972-75
HIDE, W. S. Vice Pres Hull 1925
HILL, E. J. London 1925
HIND, J. W. Nottingham
HINDE, W. E. South Wales 1925
HIRST, GEOFFREY A. N. (MP) Central Council 1934 to 1967
HITCH, W. P. Leeds 1927
HOARE, Col R. R. Joined early 1930’s as regional director Lancs and Cheshire, DG 1945-1959 Central Council 1959-75
HODGKIN, C. E. London 1925, 1926
HOLDEN-BROWN, Sir DERRICK Central Council 1975-82,
HOLLINGWORTH, H. Hudders 1926
HOPE, H. A. L. Central Council 1973-1976
HOULT, E. Sheffield 1926
HUDSON, R. Keighley 1926
HUGHES, Dr J. E. Central Council 1977
HULTON, Sir EDWARD Central Council 1925
HUNTER, E. C. C. Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
HUNTING, LINDSAY CLIVE Central Council 1975-1977
HURST, A. E. Midlands 1925
HURST, C. F. Central Council 1972-1977
HUTCHISON, Colonel JAMES R. H. (MP) 1951
IBBERSON, WILLIAM G. Central Council 1972-1977
INVERNAIRN, Lord Central CouncilI1925e (MP) until 1933) 1951
JACKSON, C. F. Midlands 1926
JAKEMAN, H. F. 1986
JENKINS, EDGAR J. Sheffield 1926
JOEL, HENRY F. London 1925
JOHNSON, J. A. Leeds 1927
JONES, J. A. Leeds 1927
JONES, TREVOR S.South Wales 1925
KELLY, R. C. Central Council 1925
KEYS, D. Central Council 1980-84
KING, NEWMAN Keighley 1926
KING, THOMAS London 1926
KITSON, H. H. Leeds 1927
KITSON, LIONEL Central Council 1927
LAMBERT, E. C. Vice Pres Hull 1925
LEAN, G. ALISTAIR Central Council 1982
LEDBURY, R. E. Midlands 1925, 1926
LEE, Lieut Col A. N. Sheffield 1926
LEE, A. S. Sheffield 1926
LEE, W(ILLIAM) A(LEXANDER) Central Council 1925, 1951
LEWIS, HUGH Liverpool 1926
LILLIE, C. W. Leeds 1927
LINEHAM, S. Leeds 1927
LINTON, C. E. Sheffield 1926
LITTLE, DAVID Leeds 1926
LLOYD, M. C.Central Council 1972
LONGBOTTOM, Sir Benjamin Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
LOW, A. P. Central Council 1972
MABBOTT, H. E. D. Central Council 1927, Chair in late 30’s Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
MACASKIE, T. S. Leeds 1927
MacDONAL, A. R. Secretary of West of Scotland (?)
MACHIN, Sir STANLEY London 1925
MacKAY, J. Sheffield
MacKENZIE, Dr A. Central Council 1927 Leeds 1926
MACLEAN, Sir ROBERT Central Council 1973-1983, Vice President 1977-83
MACLEOD, D. Central Council 1974-1983
MacPHERSON, Maj W. W. Leeds 1927
MALCOLM, Sir MICHAEL Central Council 1952-75 (died) Scotland, Later Central Council
MANDER, Capt. H. VIVIAN Midland Counties 1926
MANNION Maj F. O. Organiser Nottingham 1933
MANVILLE, Sir EDWARD Central Council 1925 FBI etc
MARJORIBANKS, D. S. North East Coast 1925
MARSHAL-ANDREW, DUCAN P. Central Council 1982
MARTIN, D. S. Central Council 1976-1978
MATTHEWS, VICTOR C. Central Council 1975-80 Enobled 1980(1981?)
MATTHEY, HAY INGHAM Central Council 1972-1981, President 1980
MAY, JAMES Leeds 1927
McCASKIE, N. Huddersfield 1926
McGOWAN, Sir HARRY (Later Lord) Central Council 1925
McCRAITH, Sir DOUGLAS Nottingham 1927
McMURTRIE, R. P. L. Central Council 1977-1980
MEWTON, W. H. South Wales 1925
MILES, JAMES Central Council 1925 South Wales 1925
MILLS, JOHN L. Central Council (Co-opted) 1983, Central Council 1984
MINNS, ANTHONY E. Central Council 1952-74 (died) member of the EL Executive FinanceCommittee (est. 1956), later called the Policy-Finance Committee.
MOIR, N. R. M. Central Council 1972-73
MONGOMERRY, Maj Gen Sir R. A. Kerr North East Coast 1925
MORGAN, Sir HERBERT Central Council 1925
MOULD, A. N. Central Council 1972-1975
MOWAT, M. J. Sheffield 1926
MULLER, P. MAXWELL London 1925
MURRAY, Sir ALAISTER Central Council 1958-1973 (died) Chair Scotland 1958-1969, Pres Scotland 1969-1973
MUSPRATT, SIR MAX Central Council 1925 Chair Liverpool 1925
NALL, SIR MICHAEL Central Council 1983-
NEAL, Sir LEONARD Central Council 1977-1980
NELSON, G(EORGE) H(ORATIO) Sheffield 1926
NEWSHOLME, N. R. Keighley 1926
NICHOLSON, FRANK North East Coast 1925
NICHOLSON, J. L. London 1925
NICHOLSON, S. T. Hull 1925
NIMMO, Sir ADAM Central Council 1925
NOBLE, Sir SAXTON WILLIAM Central Council 1925
OLDHAM, Sir ERNEST FITZJOHN London 1925, 1926
OLIPHANT, M. D. Central Council 1972-1973
ORCHARD, LAWRENCE W. Central Council 1975-77
ORMEROYD, JOHN Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
OSBORN, S. Sheffield 1926
PALMER, W. Leeds + District Organiser 1933
PARKES, J. J. Central Council 1972-76
PARSONS, JIMSON Central Council 1975-
PEARCE, H. Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
PEARSON, PETER L. H. Central Council 1985
PEASE, REGINALD North East Coast 1925
PEPPER, SYDNEY L. Midland Counties Counties Organiser 1933
PORTWAY, J. H. Leeds 1927
PRAIN, J. MURRAY Central Council 1972-74
PRENTICE, G. Liverpool 1926
PRICE, N. G. Central Council 1977-79
PRIESTMAN, FRANCIS North East Coast 1925
PRITCHARD, F. E. Liverpool 1925
PUTNAM, Sir THOMAS North East Coast 1925
RAWORTH, R. B. Central Council 1974-83
REA, EDWARD Central Council 1985- President South Wales
REDDISH, HALFORD WALTER LUPTON 1951, Central Council 19??-1976, Vice President, Died 1977
REE, Dr ALFRED Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
REES, D. MORGAN South Wales 1925
REYNOLDS, Sir JAMES P. Central Council 1926 Liverpool 1925
REYNOLDS, R. C. Lancashire & Cheshire 1927
RHODES, D. Keighley 1926
RHODES, R. E. Hull 1925
RIMMER, Lieut. Col. EDWARD Liverpool 1925
RITSON, Lieut. Col. W. H. North East Coast 1925
ROBERTSON, Dr A. Central Council (co-opted) 1983, Central Council 1984-
ROBINSON, G. FOX Central Council 1925 Hull 1925
ROBINSON, THOM Central Council 1987-1989
ROBSON, Maj P. Hull 1925
ROCHDALE, The Rt Hon Lord (George Kemp until 1913) 1951, Central Council ?-1977, Vice President
ROGER, R. North East Coast 1925
ROGERS, Sir HALLEWELL Central Council 1925
ROGERS, T. G. PARRY Central Council 1982
ROPNER, Col. LEONARD (MP) North East Coast (Tees/Hartlepool) 1925
ROSE, Group Capt A. D. Central Council 1972-1974
ROSS, MORTON Central Council 1980-1983
ROSS, P. Hull 1925
ROWLES, RONALD R. Central Council 1983
RUDOLF, J. P. Liverpool 1926
RUNCIMAN, The Rt Hon The Viscount (Walter Runciman until 1937) 1951, Central Council ?-1977,(Vice President until 1937)
RUNDGE, C. D. Central Council 1986
RUSHTON, Sir ARNOLD Liverpool 1925
RUSHWORTH, A. E. Huddersfield 1926
RUST, H. L. Sheffield 1926
SADLER, STANLEY North East Coast 1925
SANDERS, A. W. Midland Counties
SANDERSON, Col OSWALD Vice pres. Hull 1925, 1926
SANDFORD, LEONARD R. London & District organiser & General
Secretary 1933 Joint Orgn (With J. B. White) of South of England
SARGEANT, W. H. Secretary of Sheffield & District 1933
SAVILL, PETER Director General -1985, Central Council 1986 –
SENIOR, A. Sheffield 1926
SHERMAN, FRANK Central Council 1925 Chair of South Wales 1925
SIMPSON, J. F. Central Council 1972-1983
SKELTON, W. S. Sheffield 1926
SMITH, CLARENCE, D. North East Coast 1925
SMITH, LAUNCELOT E(USTACE) Central Council 1925 Chair North East Coast 1925
SOUTHERN, FRANK Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
SPEIR, Sir RUPERT Central Council 1972-1976
SPENS, Colonel HUGH BAIRD 1951
STACEY, Capt. Liverpool 1925
STOCKWELL Leeds 1926
SUMMERS, HUNTER North East Coast 1925
SWAN, E. Liverpool 1925
SYKES, Lieut. Col. Sir ALAN J. (MP) Central Council 1925
Lancashire & Cheshire 1925(president)
SYKES, CHARLES D. Midland Counties 1925
TATE, H. SAXON Central Council 1973-83, Chairman (?) 76-82
TERRY, Alderman CHARLES 1951
THOMPSON, Capt. J. D. Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
THOMPSTONE, W. G. Central Council 1973-1975
THORLEY, Sir GERALD Central Council 1973-198?, 1980-? President
TILLING, R. M. London 1925
TOOSEY, Sir PHILIP J. Central Council 1960-1976 (died).
Liverpool& District
TOUCHE, Sir ANTHONY G. Central Council 1975-?
TURNER, ERIC Central Council 1965-1980 (died), Chair Policy & Finance Committee 1967-1972, Chair of Investment Sub-committee formed in 1977
UNDERWOOD, Alderman EDUMUND G. Nottingham 1927 1951
UNWIN, M. E. Sheffield 1926
VINE, NORMAN D. Leeds 1927
VINES, ADOLPH London 1925 1951
VINES, M. Central Council 1972-1975
VOGEL, JULIUS, L. F. Liverpool 1925
VYLE, GILBERT C. Central Council 1925 Chair Midland Counties 1925
WAGSTAFFE, F. F. Keighley 1926
WARHAM, RIDLEY North East Coast 1925
WARNER, J. B. Nottingham 1927
WEBBER, ROBERT J. South Wales 1925
WEDGEWOOD, A. Lancashire & Cheshire 1925
WHITEHOUSE, B. J. Central Council 1985-
WHITEHOUSE, W. H. London 1925
WHITFIELD, F. Huddersfield 1926
WILKINS, R. H. Central Council 1972-78, Vice Pres 1975?
WILLAN, ROBERT M. Central Council 1982-??, North West
WILLANS, G. C. H.Huddersfield 1926
WILLEY, Lieut. Col the hon FRANCIS VERNON (MP) (Baron Barnby from 1929) Central Council 1925
WILLIAMS, LLEWELLYN Lancashire & Cheshire 1927
WILLIAMS, D. R. H. Huddersfield 1926
WILLIAMSON Col R. S. Midland counties 1926
WILSON, E. London 1925, 1926 1927(chair)
WOOD, Sir ARTHUR N. L. North East Coast 1925
WOODHOUSE, Sir PERCY Lancashire & Cheshire 1927
WRATHALL, J. Keighley 1927

2. Central Council members of the Economic League 1988 – 1990

The Central Council in 1990 (with date joined)…

Peter Edward ASHWORTH 1982
Hon Mark R BALFOUR 1988
Maj-General Thomas BRODIE 1984
John Stanley DETTMER 1977
Lord DOWDING 1984
Dennis FAHEY 1983
Anthony Barmore HAMPTON 1976
Richard Ian HUGHES
Richard H. HUNTING
Sir Peter HUTHCHISON 1989
Sir William MATHER 1990
Sir Michael NALL 1983
Jimson PARSONS 1975
Ronald Robert ROWLES 1983
Peter SAVILL 1986

3. Central Council members who resigned/died between 1988 and 1990:

Maj. W J BRIDGE 1984-1988
Lord (William Nicholas) CAYZER 1972 – 4/7/89
James COULL 1987
Sir Maxwell Harper GOW 1984-17/1/89
Graham HALE 1987
Lindsay Clive HUNTING
John LAWRENCE-MILLS 1983-4/7/89
G Alister LEAN 1982
Lawrence William ORCHARD 1975 – 4/7/89
Peter L. H. PEARSON 1985
H PRICE -1990
Edward REA 1985-17/1/89
T. G. Parry ROGERS 1982
C D RUNGE 1986
Gerald Bowers THORLEY
Sir Anthony TOUCHE 1975
Robert M. WILLAN 1982-17/1/89

4. Economic League directors & staff:

Director Generals…

John Baker-White, 1926-1945
Robert Rawdon Hoare, 1945-1959
John S Dettmer, 1959-1977
Michael Noar, 1986-1989
Stan Hardy, 1989 – 1993
Michael Noar, Director General
Thom Robinson, Company Secretary & Director of Information
John O Udal, Liaison Director
P Thackery, National Co-ordinator of the Services Group
Jack Winder, Research
Regional Directors:
North West Region: Richard T Brett
North Eastern Region: J S Bromley,
(Assistant Director Alan Harvey was said to have been sacked following the first “World in Action” programme in which he had been covertly filmed boasting of contacts within the police)
Western Region: E Dover
Eastern Region: Peter Leach
Scotland: Hamish Macgregor
Midland Region: Jack Winder
South Eastern Region: A L P Weeks

By 1989 Thom Robinson had been replaced by M James. F Barnes and P Thackery had been replaced by Ian Carr. The supervisor of the Information and Research Department was Joanne Wood. Richard Brett had been sacked, alleging unfairly dismissal.

Appendix: how the Economic League was shut down

Before it collapsed, the right-wing smear bulltin, ‘British Briefing’, published a story on an ‘anti-Economic League campaign’. This campaign consisted of a series of exposes in newspapers (The Guardian, The Observer and the New Statesmen) and ITV’s ‘World in Action’, as well as by some dastardly anarchists (them again!) who used very different tactics from the newspapers to expose the EL.

The anti-EL campaign was relentless, but perhaps reached its zenith when an undercover organisation called ‘League Watch’ sprang up from nowhere (in reality it was just two intrepid individuals and a few mates who helped out as needed) to employ a range of dirty tricks against EL so as to undermine its security and destabilise it. It was fighting fire with fire, dirty tricks with dirty tricks, or, as one anarchist paper put it, watching the watchers.

And it didn’t take long before The Economic League imploded, leaving its casualties broken or seriously wounded. This partly came about when ‘League Watch’ managed to get hold of several thousand names of EL donors. This list was (unbelievably) leaked to League Watch by a disaffected EL regional director – Richard Brett. The handover of documents was old school: face to face and in a brown paper envelope – what else!. The rendevous took place in a suitably spook manner – in a lounge in a posh hotel in Crewe, near the railway station. The two intrepid League Watchers turned up by train, the conversation with Brett was brief and the LW pair then decamped with their booty.

The next day copies of the list (see Appendix, below) were passed on to sympathetic journalists, as well as to senior trade unionists. This was a coup – a real coup.

‘League Watch’ then decided to move in for the kill. It decided to play the EL at its own game and infiltrate – yes, infiltrate! – an Economic league AGM. The only problem was that the location of the AGM was secret. But that small matter was not going to deter LW. This is what happened…

On the morning of the AGM one of the LW pair (plus a mate) travelled by motorcycle across London to the venue of the EL’s previous AGM – namely, a certain employers’ association. There was no reason to suspect that the AGM would be held there too, but it was worth checking. One of the pair, dressed in a suit, walked into the lobby of the premises and politely inquired as to which room the League’s AGM was being held. The receptionist answered: “Oh, I’m sorry, this year they’re not here – the AGM is being held at the Cavalry and Guards Club in Piccadilly”.

The pair then revved up the bike and raced across London. Within 20 minutes they were there. That’s when matters began to get interesting. The League Watcher, still in his suit, walked into the club unchallenged, then straight into the room where the AGM was happening (again, he was unchallenged). He smiled at everyone – there were probably around fifty people present – and sat down in a chair near the exit. He then switched on a tape recorder, hidden in a bag. For the next half hour, until the talk grew exceedingly boring, he recorded everything. He then stood up and asked for everyone’s attention. That’s when he announced he was from League Watch and that he had been recording all the procedures. Without waiting for any reaction, he calmly walked out of the room and the building. Some minutes later, the EL delegates also left the building, appearing shocked and angry. As they left, each was photographed by the LW’er on the motorbike, parked just outside the club, on the opposite side of the road.

The next day copies of the photos were handed over to a journalist and some were published in an anarchist paper. Names of those photographed were identified and circulated to trade union leaders

The whole point of this exercise was to embarrass the EL, to show that its security was crap. This was at a time when the EL was already in disarray, with some of its leading lights jumping ship. Eventually, the EL sank, leaving only one or two stalwarts to sally forth under a new guise – the Consulting Association.

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9 Responses to Blacklisted: 600 UK companies yet to be sued by 30,000 workers on Economic League files

  1. Mike Hamblet says:

    Wow – Oxford University appointment committee’s on the list……


  2. Blacklisting in the building sector has been exposed. I wonder if other industries have also been subjected to blacklisting. How far does blacklisting extend?


    • Mary Bellewes says:

      Yes the Civil Service takes part in this vile conspiracy. The Min of Agriculture made sure I could get no employment after offending their hierarchy.
      I had to bring up my children in poverty as a result of this vile practice. Every job I got after leaving the Civil Service sacked me within 2 weeks – no reasons ever given. One employer said the Job Centre rang them and told them to sack me.
      I know the job centre in Cambridge was implicated. They set me up at an interview and called me a racist. They destroy anyone who offends them. Min of Ag said “we don’t like rebels”.

      Liked by 1 person

      • So you see yourself as being a borderline whistleblower category? what you say rings true to me, but I only found out about gang stalking about 3 years ago. When I was 30 I applied for a job I was well qualified for and experienced. I was stunned at the interview when one of the interviewers suggested that a gap in my CV was because I had been in prison! This confirms the gang stalkers slanders to potential employers to prevent you getting employment.
        I only became a radical in the last 3 years as a result of discovering I had been subjected to gang stalking through my entire life. I was border line apolitical, conservative with a small c. But my mother was a feminist and my Dad due to his mother supporting the family due to his father being unable to due to war trauma, had total respect for women, believing that they should have the same rights to employment and pay as men, as they might need to support their families.
        Gang stalkers are not so much against radicals, as reactionaries, who want to turn back the clock to women being slaves of men, and working class people being slaves of everyone else. Fascist values. People who are not going to be a toady of the status quo and support the interests of the privileged elite, who want to improve their condition in life on the basis of their own talents and work, and be fair to others, are blocked from jobs with promotion prospects, or jobs which might access information about what is really going on.
        Sorry for delay in reply. I am not on internet and blog from the library when I can come in.
        all the best.


  3. joekano76 says:

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.


  4. Mary Bellewes says:

    I was blacklisted by Min.of Ag. 1970. Dirty tricks ++. Sacked from every job after working for them. Not allowed to hold on to any job. Aided and abetted by Cambridge Job Centre. They ruined my career. Called me a rebel. Treated me like a criminal. Wish I could sue. Anyone out there willing to help me – please. Mary

    Liked by 1 person

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