Did Turkey’s government strike a deal with ISIS?

There are growing worries about whether Turkey’s political Islamist rulers have struck a secret bargain with Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS) Turkish branch in which ISIS will refrain from targeting Turkish interests, at least for the time being, in exchange for a political cover that will allow them to operate freely in the country, tapping into huge resources that some 80 million predominantly Sunni nationals offer.

Perhaps the release of dozens of ISIS suspects including high-profile names and those who were caught red-handed with arms and ammunitions is the most important road marker suggesting for the existence of such an implicit deal. To the surprise of many, on March 24, the Istanbul No.13 High Criminal Court ruled for a judgment to release all the remaining defendants including radical preacher Abu Hanzala and his three associates Enes Yelgün Hoca, Erdal Yaşar, and Mehmet Karlı in the main ISIS case where 97-suspects were being tried…

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