Mexico: video of police whisking away the 43 students to be murdered


This video shows footage of the 43 students abducted by police, to be handed over to members of a local drug cartel, where they will be tortured and killed. The voices you hear are those two or three who managed to get away to tell the truth of what happened. Now DNA taken from a rubbish dump of charred remains has been proved to be one of the 43 students. For the families of the students this tragic news confirms their worst fears. For the people of Mexico, weighed down by decades of oppressive and corrupt governments, brutal police and even more brutal drug gangs, these recent killings have acted as a catalyst for the already widespread disaffection to be transformed into a very real threat of revolt.

The body tested was that of 19-year-old trainee teacher Alexander Mora Venancio.

All last week protests, some violent, were seen in nearly every city in Mexico. This is not surprising considering that over the last few years more than 25000 people have ‘disappeared’, believed murdered by either the drug gangs or the police. On Thursday demonstrators threw Molotov cocktails and clashed with riot police outside Mexico City’s National Palace. 300 masked demonstrators fought with police near Mexico City’s airport, throwing Molotov cocktails and fireworks.

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