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Turkey’s latest moves hint at the next tragic stage of the Middle East war [OPINION]

Turkey’s volatile president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has issued statements attacking the Obama administration and its role in the Middle East. And his allies in Turkey have followed suit. Such outbursts may well signal the end of NATO’s role in the … Continue reading

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Meet the woman who heads the army that intends to send ISIS to hell

The main assault on the Daesh (Isis/Isil) capital of Raqqa is now underway. And women are at the forefront of the battle. Using the code-name “Wrath of the Euphrates”, the group leading the offensive is the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces). And … Continue reading

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Theresa May prefers refugees are out of sight, out of mind: try explaining that to the Yazidis

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron described Britain as “mean” for the attitude it displays to refugees. There are many Britons who would welcome refugees, and Farron was no doubt referring to a certain type of British citizen (either conservative or chauvinist) rather … Continue reading

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Mid-East war goes Orwellian: ISIS fighters (Kurds and their US allies) are now ‘terrorists’

It may have been just lazy journalism, but a BBC Radio 4 news update stated how Turkey was now determined to beat both Daesh (Isis/Isil) and YPG “terrorists”. No qualification or caveat was added to that statement, in spite of the fact … Continue reading

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As Turkish land/air offensive escalates, Kurdish militias (YPG/J) reject Biden-Erdogan ultimatum

  Turkish armed forces have just crossed into Syria with US air support. But this was not an operation focused on pushing Daesh (Isis/Isil) out of the border city of Jarabulus, as some sources have insisted. Amid suggestions of ethnic cleansing against Kurdish … Continue reading

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Turkey, Iran & Russia agree to neutralise Kurds as Assad’s warplanes attack YPG/J

  Turkey has just reached an ‘understanding’ with Iran and with Russia over the fate of Syria. And this has coincided with a relentless Syrian bombardment of the most effective ground forces in the fight against Daesh (Isis/Isil). Since 16 August, the Syrian air force has … Continue reading

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EU designates Turkey as ‘safe’ to return refugees; Erdogan escalates civil war against Kurds

This month the European Commission released a document that designated Turkey as a ‘safe third country’ to which thousands of refugees could be returned. Plans are underway to ensure that all refugees not eligible for relocation in Europe will be … Continue reading

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Seasonal greetings from the Kurd frontline offensive against ISIS

The latest reports from the frontline offensive by the Kurd-led Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) against ISIS is given below, with updates from December 24 and 25. The above video footage takes a look at the actions conducted by joint QSD … Continue reading

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In powerful speech to UN, woman who escaped ISIS demands liberation of Yezidis

In August 2014, Islamic State jihadists attacked Sinjar, home to over 400,000 Yezidis. Subsequently the United Nations confirmed that 5,000 Yezidi men were executed and as many as 7,000 women and girls were made sex slaves. Earlier this month the … Continue reading

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Kurdish women fighters (YPJ) speak about their fight against jihadists

Today it was reported – see video at end of article – that Rojavan Kurds (of northern Syria) are heading north to cross the Turkish border to offer help to their beleagured cousins in North Kurdistan, which has been under … Continue reading

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