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Kurds fear massacre by Turkish military; Yezidi women join forces with YPJ to fight ISIS

No prizes for spotting the deliberate contradiction in the title of this story. Yezidi women, some of whom were held captive by ISIS but escaped, have now joined forces with the YPJ (Kurdish women’s militia) – their objective: to take … Continue reading

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World ignores 1000s of Yezidi women captured, raped and enslaved by ISIS

It is estimated that in the ISIS-occupied areas over 4 million women are subjugated and enslaved. Several thousand of these are Yezidis, captured last August and held as concubines, sold as slaves, humiliated, raped and tortured. The world has stood … Continue reading

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While ISIS preaches hate, in Rojava (Kurdistan) a feminist revolution is unfolding…

The UK Government and its coalition partners demonstrate remarkable ignorance of the political realities of what is happening on the ground in Kurdistan – either that, or they are knowingly prepared to sacrifice the Kurds, who have been at the … Continue reading

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Liberation of Kobani province: “When ISIS hears the battle cry of the YPJ [Kurdish women’s militia] they flee”

The Syrian border city of Kobani, which was under ISIS control since last September was liberated in January by mainly Kurdish YPG (men’s militia) and YPJ (women’s militia). Since then the Kurdish militias have advanced and are now liberating the … Continue reading

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Insight into the little-known ‘anarchist’ revolution underway in Rojava (western Kurdistan)

  Towards the end of last year reports filtered through of an ‘anarchist’ revolution underway in the Kurdistan province of Rojava. It appeared to have all the trappings in place – equality of gender, redistribution of wealth, levelling of hierarchies … Continue reading

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Turkey forced to allow Kurd fighters to relieve Kobani seige

After widespread international criticism and protests by Kurds, Turkey has been forced to allow Kurdish militias to cross from Iraq into Turkey and then into Syria to help their fellow fighters crush ISIS, which has been besieging the city of … Continue reading

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Who are the Yazidis?

Below, we provide a brief introduction to the Yezedis: who they are, their history and beliefs, as well as some of the myths surrounding them and what is happening to them now. The Yezedis are a distinct ethnic grouping that … Continue reading

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