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How to improve your online security (as recommended by Edward Snowden)

In an era of state snooping by GCHQ and its ‘five eyes’ partners, more people want to improve their online security. Concerns include avoiding identity theft and online monitoring by consumer organisations. Journalists also want protection too, especially as the … Continue reading

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As “Snoopers Charter” becomes law, one ISP is showing how state surveillance can be bypassed

The Investigatory Powers Bill, or ‘Snooper’s Charter‘, is about to become law. This will make legal the mass surveillance technologies that UK agency GCHQ and its partners have deployed for the last decade or more, as revealed by Edward Snowden. … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be a Snowden to know how to blog ‘anonymously’: a simple guide

With the recent revelation that Yahoo passed millions of its user accounts to the US National Security Agency (a partner with GCHQ, the UK equivalent) and with the new “Snoopers Charter” legislation going through the British parliament, it’s not surprising … Continue reading

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