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“Give me a child until age seven and I’ll…” ensure all rebellious notions are eradicated

  The UK Joint Committee on Human Rights has issued a damning indictment on the Tory Government’s flagship Counter-Extremism Bill, arguing that the provisions in the bill are entirely unnecessary and even dangerous. If the bill was enacted by Parliament, … Continue reading

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ACPO guide advised spycops on online infiltration of political activists

A 2013 guide by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) marked ‘Protected’ advised police on how to conduct undercover police operations online, including tips on forming (online) relationships with targets and how to best use fake I.Ds – all sounds … Continue reading

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The surveillance software applications that are assisting (replacing?) spycops

Political protest groups from the early 1970s onwards were shocked (though not exactly surprised) to discover they had been infiltrated by political police to spy on their activities and even to act as agent provocateurs. In more recent years evidence … Continue reading

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