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Turkey hits new low: demands US cease supporting anti-ISIS fighters and threatens Yazidis

Turkey has sunk to yet another low point. Government ministers have issued more statements attacking the US, this time threatening its NATO ally’s continued use of a key airbase if it keeps supporting forces leading the fight against Daesh (Isis/Isil) in Syria. … Continue reading

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Turkey’s latest moves hint at the next tragic stage of the Middle East war [OPINION]

Turkey’s volatile president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has issued statements attacking the Obama administration and its role in the Middle East. And his allies in Turkey have followed suit. Such outbursts may well signal the end of NATO’s role in the … Continue reading

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Meet the woman who heads the army that intends to send ISIS to hell

The main assault on the Daesh (Isis/Isil) capital of Raqqa is now underway. And women are at the forefront of the battle. Using the code-name “Wrath of the Euphrates”, the group leading the offensive is the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces). And … Continue reading

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Mid-East war goes Orwellian: ISIS fighters (Kurds and their US allies) are now ‘terrorists’

It may have been just lazy journalism, but a BBC Radio 4 news update stated how Turkey was now determined to beat both Daesh (Isis/Isil) and YPG “terrorists”. No qualification or caveat was added to that statement, in spite of the fact … Continue reading

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Atrocity signals Turkey’s advance on Syrian city, liberated from ISIS by Kurdish-led SDF only weeks ago

Reports have just emerged of unarmed civilians (including children) being killed in Dandania, Syria, by the Turkish military. This comes just a week after Turkey invaded Syria (with US air support) in order to push back one of the most effective forces currently fighting … Continue reading

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As Turkish land/air offensive escalates, Kurdish militias (YPG/J) reject Biden-Erdogan ultimatum

  Turkish armed forces have just crossed into Syria with US air support. But this was not an operation focused on pushing Daesh (Isis/Isil) out of the border city of Jarabulus, as some sources have insisted. Amid suggestions of ethnic cleansing against Kurdish … Continue reading

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Turkey fears unified Kurdistan – ‘ultimatum’ to YPG: retreat or we invade Syria in next 24 hours

Turkey has openly stated it is ready to invade Syria unless the pro-Kurdish SDF militias relinquish their recent gains of ISIS-held territory north of Aleppo. In taking this territory the Kurds are closer to uniting the cantons that make up … Continue reading

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BREAKING: statement from Syrian Democratic Forces re. next steps to defeating ISIS

The following statement was issued today by the Syrian Democratic Forces, a coalition of anti-ISIS armies led by the Kurds (YPG/YPJ). KOBANE, ROJAVA, Syria (December 23, 2015) – The Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD) which embraces all components of a free … Continue reading

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Captured ISIS terrorist claims Turkey ‘funding jihadists posing as FSA’

Allegations have been made by an ISIS jihadist, captured by Syrian Kurds/SDF, that he and other ISIS jihadists have been masquerading as a unit of the FSA (Free Syrian Army) funded by Turkey. If these allegations are correct, that begs … Continue reading

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2/12/2015: reports from Kurd/SDF frontline | French airstrike cuts off water to Raqqa

The British Parliament has just voted by a majority of 174 for airstrikes to be extended to Syria, so seeing the UK in a war that many believe may have no end. It is clear, however, that the UK has … Continue reading

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