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An army of snoopers is being trained, but it is not run by GCHQ

  An army of spies is being trained across the British Isles. They are not ‘fifth columnists’ but the man in the pub, the woman on the bus, and even your fellow worker. A series of training modules, examined by The … Continue reading

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Confirmation UK spycops in France – implications for Pitchford Inquiry into undercover policing?

British police officers linked to Counter Terrorism Command (also known as SO15 ) and the National Domestic Extremism and Disorder Intelligence Unit (NDEDIU) have been spotted hanging around the ‘Calais Jungle’ refugee camp area.   Photojournalist Jason Parkinson recognised the two police officers. He had … Continue reading

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Lists of UCOs and their supervisors

To see the article – “New revelations show just how nervous the police are about the undercover policing inquiry” – that accompanies this list, click here. To see a covering letter to the Pitcford Inquiry by D.S. Neil Hutchison re … Continue reading

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Destruction/witholding of spycops files symptomatic of decades of police/CPS cover-ups

Endemic police corruption and cover-ups of evidence are generally more associated with developing countries, or countries where there is a dictatorship, but in Britain such corruption is rife though handled far better, with the occasional public inquiry as a sop … Continue reading

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ACPO guide advised spycops on online infiltration of political activists

A 2013 guide by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) marked ‘Protected’ advised police on how to conduct undercover police operations online, including tips on forming (online) relationships with targets and how to best use fake I.Ds – all sounds … Continue reading

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Spycops (and their supervisors): the knowns, the unknowns and the disparities

The Pitchford Inquiry is in imminent danger of turning into a farce. While almost all the victims of abuse (miscarriages of justice, relationship abuse, blacklisting etc) are disclosing their identity in the belief that the Inquiry should be as open … Continue reading

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Spycops seek prosecution if their anonymity breached at Pitchford Inquiry

Lawyers acting on behalf of undercover police officers have formally asked the Pitchford Inquiry to agree that should their clients’ anonymity be breached or their personal details be revealed at the inquiry then prosecutions should follow. (The above image shows … Continue reading

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Spycops/CPS conspired to pervert course of justice via undisclosed evidence

The collapse of trials and quashing of convictions of those allegedly involved in a planned protest at Ratcliffe-on-Soar and Drax power stations contributed to the setting up this year of the Pitchford Inquiry into undercover policing. But the original convictions … Continue reading

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