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Immunity from prosecution is rejected for Trump insider, but it’s not all about Russia

Retired US lieutenant general and former national security adviser Michael Flynn recently offered to testify about alleged links between Russia and US President Donald Trump. But the Senate Intelligence Committee rejected his request for immunity. As former attorney Seth Abramson has said, however: Flynn’s … Continue reading

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US/UK allies attack anti-Daesh forces in Iraq, revealing a pattern of betrayal [VIDEOS]

  Remember the massacre of Yazidis in Iraq in 2014? Well, they’re under attack again. Yazidi self-defence militias and their affiliates, who have organised to defend themselves from Daesh (Isis/Isil), have been resisting the new assault since 3 March. But this time, … Continue reading

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Yazidis and Syrian Kurds and their allies under attack by Turkey and its proxies

The last 36 hours have seen major developments in the Middle East in defiance of directives issued by British and US-led Coalition forces. Turkish militias are attacking anti-Daesh (Isis/Isil) units near the Syrian city of Manbij. And at the same … Continue reading

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As Trump dithers, Turkey issues ultimatum to anti-ISIS fighters in Syria

Kurdish-led militias fighting Daesh (Isis/Isil) in northern Syria have provided details this week of new attacks on villages which they had previously liberated from jihadi forces. But these attacks didn’t come from Daesh. They came from Turkey. And as Donald Trump dithers … Continue reading

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US likely to ditch Rojavan Kurds once fully exploited in war against ISIS

The United States Government doesn’t give a toss about the Kurds – and would quite happily see the anarchist variety (Syrian/Turkish) obliterated by the Turkish military. But for the moment the US is ‘advising’ the YPG/YPJ (Syrian Kurds) in the … Continue reading

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Kurd-led SDF army poised to attack ISIS strongholds

We provide an update on the battlefronts of Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria, including breaking news of a new initiative involving the Kurd militias. Also, in the lead up to a vote in the British Parliament (it is expected on Wednesday) … Continue reading

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