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The companies that know your every move, and the journalist jailed for exposing them [VIDEO]

  To offer cyber protection, we need to understand cyber intrusion (i.e. hacking). And US journalist Barrett Brown was researching the companies that practise both. Until, that is, he was sent to jail. On 6 March 2012, Brown’s home was raided … Continue reading

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The surveillance software applications that are assisting (replacing?) spycops

Political protest groups from the early 1970s onwards were shocked (though not exactly surprised) to discover they had been infiltrated by political police to spy on their activities and even to act as agent provocateurs. In more recent years evidence … Continue reading

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Barrett Brown’s prosecution is revenge for exposing secret workings of US private intelligence

US journalist Barrett Brown is to be sentenced on December 16th for his part in researching and exposing the inner workings of some of the leading but very secretive private security and intelligence firms that few American know about and … Continue reading

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