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How government-funded research helped turn Labour’s election hopes into a smear

UK government-funded researchers helped ensure that what should have been a fatal blow to the Tories’ election campaign became, instead, a smear aimed at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn produces damning evidence On 19 November, Corbyn famously revealed a redacted … Continue reading

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Claim that US commander masterminded Turkey failed coup leads to torching of NATO base vicinity

The situation in Turkey is now at the hysterical stage. Last night an area close to a US-NATO base in Turkey was set alight. No one has claimed responsibility. However, it is likely the fire was begun as a direct … Continue reading

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Turkey’s ‘refugees games’ threaten Greek sovereignty; NATO manoeuvres revealed

NATO warships led by Germany are picking up refugees trying to cross to Greece and perceived to be in danger, only to then return them to Turkey. But Turkey, although party to this arrangement, is now refusing to co-operate, despite … Continue reading

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Evidence of Turkey’s links to ISIS | Turkey’s objective to destroy Kurds (not just PKK Kurds)

Evidence of an informal alliance between Turkey and ISIS forms the backdrop to the escalation of air and ground raids against Kurds. Turkey’s aim is to seize Kurdish territory by creating a so-called ‘safe haven’ zone, annihilate PKK, then attack … Continue reading

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