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Former MI6 agent’s Trump allegations, despite FBI inaction, may only be the beginning

Months of inaction by the FBI forced former MI6 spy Christopher Steele to turn to the ‘alternative’ media to publicise his allegations against President-elect Donald Trump. In the end, the allegations were published in the form of a ‘dossier’ by … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional CPS gives green light to rendition/torture; fails to prosecute spy chief

The UK Crown Prosecution Service is supposedly impartial, though several recent cases have disproved that, with three cases in particular demonstrating how the CPS not only concealed evidence, but interfered in the process of justice and even closed down a … Continue reading

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Libyan dissident’s litigation against UK highlights Govt opportunism re dictatorships

UK and US adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq undoubtedly contributed to the war in Syria, to the rise of ISIS and to many of the subsequent tragic events, including the dreadful attacks in Paris yesterday (claimed by ISIS). Another of … Continue reading

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Westminster/Kincora child sex abuse: docs, cover-up, videos – the works!

Below is a compilation, in reverse chronological order, of the main research articles UndercoverInfo has published over the last nine months covering the child sex abuse scandals in the UK. These were mostly about the VIP/Westminster scandals, the Kincora (N … Continue reading

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Rupert Murdoch flips | Sunday Times article on Snowden rife with errors

Today, Times Newspapers Ltd (TNL), the company that owns the Sunday Times, issued a copyright infringement notice to the legal owners of First Look/The Intercept, the online news magazine. The ostensible reason for this is that TNL believe that The … Continue reading

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Anderson Report: forget the ‘oversight’ window-dressing; on course for total surveillance

Today David Anderson QC released his report on the UK’s surveillance laws and his recommendations on how they can be reformed/overhauled/improved. As with most reports of this kind it’s full of caveats and possibilities and the occasional criticism. But in … Continue reading

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UK, despite sponsoring civil war, backs naval blockade of Libyan coast and boat burning

In a perverse reflection of the outrageous ‘send in the gunboats to deal with the cockroaches [refugees]’ and the ‘burn their boats’ rants by an LBC radio and Sun ‘journalist’, the British Government has signalled it will support a European … Continue reading

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Former MI6 head calls for citizens body to replace Intelligence watchdog ISC

Yesterday Sir Richard Dearlove, a former head of MI6, proposed to the Global Strategy Forum think-tank that the largely discredited ISC (Intelligence & Security Committee) which oversees UK intelligence (GCHQ, MI6 and MI5) should be replaced by “citizens groups” to … Continue reading

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Journey into ISIS hell and the UK intelligence link to the trafficker of teenage girls

Yesterday we revealed how Mohammed Al Rashed, the Syrian who trafficked the three teenage girls from north London, had a double role and is alleged to have provided intelligence to a “British” contact – Matt – via the Canadian Embassy … Continue reading

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UK intelligence report on surveillance: findings, recommendations etc

  Below, hot off the press, are the key findings, conclusions and recommendations  of the ISC report: “Privacy and Security:A modern and transparent legal framework” which was published today. In the meantime, here is an alternative slant on the report … Continue reading

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