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Amnesty International warns off companies from taking up ‘toxic’ refugee detention contracts

A multinational corporation has raked in millions of dollars via a contract with the Australian government for the management of its offshore refugee detention facilities. But a damning report by Amnesty International makes it clear that the contract, which expires … Continue reading

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Australia to close Manus Island refugee camp – but there’s a twist…

On 17 August, Papua New Guinea (PNG) finally forced Australia to agree to the closure of its refugee detention centre on Manus Island. The latter agreed to this decision in order to avoid a PNG Supreme Court hearing, scheduled for August 22, … Continue reading

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‘Nauru Files’: Universal Jurisdiction threat to Australian government and Spanish multinational

The release and publication by Guardian Australia journalists of the ‘Nauru Files’ show that Wilson Security, the company that manages security at the refugee gulags on Nauru and Manus Island, has been responsible for downgrading those files – i.e. a … Continue reading

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Spanish firm managing Australia’s offshore ‘political prisoners’ could face ‘crimes against humanity’ charges

Leading legal experts have advised Ferrovial, the Spanish multinational company, that it could face prosecution for ‘crimes against humanity’ for its management of Australia’s offshore refugee and asylum-seekers detention facilities on Nauru and Manus Island (Papua New Guinea). Ferrovial is … Continue reading

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Australia’s refugee ‘Pacific Solution’ begins to unravel – time to kill it once and for all

It’s not been a good week for the Australian Government. A few days ago the PNG (Papua New Guinea) Supreme Court declared that the Manus Island refugee detention centre was unconstitutional and contrary to all notions of human rights. A … Continue reading

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