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Anti-Corbyn fake news has just hit a new low. And it’s likely to get far worse.

Fake news and smears aimed at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn are nothing new. However, it’s not just the usual tabloids that are guilty of this, newer technologies are playing their part. These attacks are not only malicious but, more seriously, … Continue reading

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A secretive propaganda unit is manipulating our social media. But it’s not Russian.

The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) dossier on Russian meddling into UK politics remains unpublished. But Britain has its own meddling ‘agency’ – a designated brigade of the British army. Moreover, it has a connection with Twitter management. Exclusively, The … Continue reading

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Guilty by innuendo: the Guardian campaign against Julian Assange that breaks all the rules

An analysis of articles published by the Guardian over several months reveals what appears to be a campaign to link WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with Russia and the Kremlin. But the paper has provided little or no evidence to back … Continue reading

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By posting anti-Corbyn tweets this ‘black ops’ organisation has just shot itself in the foot

The UK-based Integrity Initiative specialises in covert operations aimed at countering Russian propaganda. But it also conducts ‘black ops’ in countries across Europe and beyond. It’s largely funded by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and listed as a project … Continue reading

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Boris at loggerheads with May over Russian interference: someone may be telling porkies

In her Lord Mayor’s banquet speech, Theresa May accused Russia of meddling in “our democracies”. But just over a week earlier, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson essentially said the opposite. So who’s telling the truth? The Prime Minister, or the man … Continue reading

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Twitter fails to prevent ‘fake news’ impersonation accounts of Assange and WikiLeaks

A lot of time is being expended in the creation of several Julian Assange impostor accounts on Twitter. These accounts equate to black propaganda. They are aimed squarely at Assange, as well as unwitting Twitter followers. The problem appears to … Continue reading

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