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Expansion of this UK government programme could be the biggest threat to our democracy yet

According to recently-unearthed documents, people who have participated in a demonstration, are members of a political campaign group, or who have fought the government’s cuts, can become a target of a government programme that monitors ‘extremism’. But this is just … Continue reading

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What’s the difference between a nurse and an ‘extremist’? Depends what you wear on your head

  Britain’s under-resourced healthcare workers are under siege. So it’s no wonder they resort to strike action or protests to demand more funding, despite the risk of blacklisting or other sanctions. Now, in a shocking story, a health worker felt … Continue reading

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“Give me a child until age seven and I’ll…” ensure all rebellious notions are eradicated

  The UK Joint Committee on Human Rights has issued a damning indictment on the Tory Government’s flagship Counter-Extremism Bill, arguing that the provisions in the bill are entirely unnecessary and even dangerous. If the bill was enacted by Parliament, … Continue reading

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Corbyn upgraded to ‘national security risk’: first step of ‘A Very British Coup’?

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn MP, a serial protester and radical campaigner, was elected in a landslide poll as leader of Britain’s Labour Party. On the same day Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, responded by declaring him a national security risk. At first … Continue reading

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“the law has been abused…by the State”: ex-spycop on UK counter-extremism

Just over two years ago, Gordon Mills, a former sypcop who liaised with the blacklisting agency The Consulting Association, penned a thesis that was primarily about animal rights activists and the undercover units that monitored them. The 300+ page dissertation … Continue reading

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ISIS jihadists dance in streets at news of Tory snooping and extremism measures

ISIS jihadists must be dancing in the proverbial streets on hearing the news that the Tory Government in the UK will be proceeding to introduce new and expanded legislation to censor news (via an extremism act) and ensure Britain becomes … Continue reading

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Why the Government’s extremism culture encourages more, not less, religious fundamentalism

Today the former Labour minister, Peter Hain MP, bemoaned how he and fellow Labour MPs were monitored by Special Branch during their time in Government because of their radical activities in youthful years. Well, Mr Hain, there are at least … Continue reading

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