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Westminster/Kincora child sex abuse: docs, cover-up, videos – the works!

Below is a compilation, in reverse chronological order, of the main research articles UndercoverInfo has published over the last nine months covering the child sex abuse scandals in the UK. These were mostly about the VIP/Westminster scandals, the Kincora (N … Continue reading

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Kincora – Westminster child sex abuse scandals: the links exposed

Today Britain’s Channel 4 News ran a story on Richard Kerr, who was a victim of child sex abuse at the notorious Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland and was also taken to London where he was trafficked as part … Continue reading

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The biggest UK establishment scandal since Profumo: the dam has started to crack…

While the Profumo Affair (see end of article for details) was a sex scandal of the early 1960s that implicated the Minister of War and led to the downfall of the Macmillan Government, that is nothing compared to the sex … Continue reading

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Westminster child sex abuse: the cover-up laid bare

  They thought they were untouchable because they were celebrities or MPs or ministers of government or other pillars of the establishment. And if the police got too nosey they could be shut up with threats by spooks of the … Continue reading

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