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Blacklisted: 600 UK companies yet to be sued by 30,000 workers on Economic League files

Today it was announced that 256 construction workers would receive £10 million in compensation as a result of blacklisting. Earlier this month 420 trade unionists secured damages of around £50m and there have also been out-of-court settlements. Altogether 800 building … Continue reading

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Blacklisting the blacklisters: the evidence revisited (subscribers, key players, finances, etc)

The alleged architect of the construction ‘blacklisting’ scandal, Cullum McAlpine, who has been described as the mastermind behind the construction ‘blacklisting’ scandal that hit headlines over the past two years, has refused to give evidence in the High Court case … Continue reading

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The spycops experiment: from blacklisting agents to social pariahs – and next?

Recently it was revealed how the late Tory prime minister Edward Heath had not only been aware of but encouraged the broadcasting of a TV documentary critical of the Shrewsbury pickets. These were men who merely wanted better working conditions, … Continue reading

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“the law has been abused…by the State”: ex-spycop on UK counter-extremism

Just over two years ago, Gordon Mills, a former sypcop who liaised with the blacklisting agency The Consulting Association, penned a thesis that was primarily about animal rights activists and the undercover units that monitored them. The 300+ page dissertation … Continue reading

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Blacklisters named (extended list); Court orders firms to produce blacklisting docs

On the day that the Pitchford Inquiry opened into Undercover Policing (see also links at end of article) we publish an extended list of UK firms involved in blacklisting, as well as those companies named today in the High Court … Continue reading

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