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General Election timing is crucial for ‘Boris Gang’, as also Dominic Cummings’ role

Despite a denial to the contrary, the ‘Boris Gang’ appears to be preparing for an autumn general election, though the precise timing will be dependent on a number of scenarios. Indeed, over 500 different advertisements promoting the gang are already … Continue reading

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Boris Johnson isn’t the only candidate for PM that backed the erroneous ‘£350m to EU’

Former UK foreign secretary and mayor of London Boris Johnson MP has been summonsed to attend court to face charges of misconduct in a public office. The allegation is that by promoting the infamous ‘£350m to the EU’ in the … Continue reading

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When the Prime Minister has to flee the public, you know it’s time for her to go

The Grenfell Tower fire is likely to have caused more deaths than the 7/7 terrorist attack. And it is a tragedy that may well come to symbolise the years of Tory cutbacks and austerity measures. But it wasn’t just a lack of … Continue reading

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Tory ‘coalition’ looking wobbly, as questions remain about DUP funding of UDA-linked projects

Conservative Party leader Theresa May’s judgement is now even more in doubt, as questions arise over the financial dealings by the ideological extremist Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) with paramilitary group the Ulster Defence Association (UDA). To read more, click here.

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Tories underestimated complexity/costs of Brexit and provoking crash as only way out

Immediately after visiting Buckingham Palace to formally seek the dissolution of parliament, Theresa May took to a podium outside of 10 Downing Street. She appeared angry, and launched straight into a speech. But in doing so, she let slip how … Continue reading

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UK ‘Nasty Party’ sets loose the hounds, baying for blood

The politicians in this run-up to election year are getting desperate, with the fear factor – of immigrants, of terrorists and of the poor by the rich – taking centre-stage. And so we see an expansion of existing snooping powers, … Continue reading

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