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Janner child sex abuse case: damning (historical) docs re Leicestershire Council

Yesterday it was announced that the Judge-led Lowell Goddard inquiry into historical child sex abuse will also examine whether there was an establishment cover-up regarding the allegations against Lord Greville Janner: this will include the operations of Leicestershire Police and … Continue reading

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‘Missing’ 114 child sex abuse files: Janner doc identified; abuse was widespread

The ‘missing’ Greville Janner file regarding questions about child sex abuse has been identified from a 23 page archived Government document. This document (see image above) includes all 114 ‘missing’ files and states that the Janner file was code no. … Continue reading

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Lord Janner argues dementia no bar to prosecution; original Inquiry docs here

Lord Janner, whom the CPS wanted to prosecute for child sex abuse but decided not to because he was suffering from dementia, was himself a vigorous advocate (see extract from Jewish Chronicle article above) of prosecutions taking place against an … Continue reading

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Janner child sex abuse allegations: legal failures presage alternatives to prosecution/inquiries

Yesterday the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) made it clear in a statement that it, together with previous police investigations, had failed in its prosecution of Lord Greville Janner, against whom the CPS had in its possession substantial evidence of child … Continue reading

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Kincora – Westminster child sex abuse scandals: the links exposed

Today Britain’s Channel 4 News ran a story on Richard Kerr, who was a victim of child sex abuse at the notorious Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland and was also taken to London where he was trafficked as part … Continue reading

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VIP/Westminster child sex abuse: (historical) interview with whistleblower

The above interview by anti-child abuse activist and filmmaker Bill Maloney with Chris Fay, a former national adult advisor to NAYPIC (National Association of Young People In Care), about the notorious Elm Guest House and the many questions that remain … Continue reading

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The biggest UK establishment scandal since Profumo: the dam has started to crack…

While the Profumo Affair (see end of article for details) was a sex scandal of the early 1960s that implicated the Minister of War and led to the downfall of the Macmillan Government, that is nothing compared to the sex … Continue reading

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