Refugees on Australia’s offshore gulag shot at and attacked by navy/police; evacuation of 100s urged

Good Friday, and there are reports that hundreds of refugees detained illegally by the Australian Government on its offshore refugee detention centre on Manus Island (Papua New Guinea) are being attacked by PNG navy and police.


Reports of more than 100 bullets have been fired at the refugees, who are now in fear of their lives. Reports, too, that Australian employed security guards have fled the scene.

Bullet holes found in buildings in camp.

According to Iranian refugee and journalist Behrouz Boochani, who is held at Manus:

One refugee said:

Refugees were beaten by police, navy and locals. After that police and navy started firing in air, but after 10 minutes they started shooting at the detention centre.

One report says that the refugee camp was attacked at around 6.30 pm, not long after a fight broke out between locals and refugees at a football match. And live rounds were fired.

Via @BehrouzBoochani:

The Australian government meanwhile has issued no formal response. The Australian Government organises and pays for the detention of the refugees and funds the security arrangements. It is ultimately responsible – legally and morally – for the well being of all refugees held on Manus Island.

If any harm comes to any of the refugees, it is the Australian Government that is legally liable.

Peter Dutton, in charge of Australia’s offshore gulags

The most sensible action that can now be taken, is for all refugees and asylum seekers held on Manus Island, or onshore at PNG, to be immediately evacuated by the Australian RAAF and navy. To delay further could see a major tragedy unfold.

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Explosive BBC documentary on the IRA and British intelligence left out crucial details

A BBC Panorama documentary broadcast on 11 April found evidence of collusion between army intelligence and MI5 around the execution of dozens of alleged IRA informers. And if it was not for a decades-long cover up, British intelligence and republican politicians would have been held accountable for those deaths. But there was much that Panorama left out. Crucial information that provides a fuller picture of what may really be going on.

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Britain could be dragged into war with Russia, as internal White House power-grab is exposed

The US and Russia could be on the brink of war. A real war, as opposed to the proxy war fought in Syria over the last four years. And Britain could be dragged into the conflict too. But there is another war taking place – a political war. Because moves to purge ‘an inner sanctum’ power base at the heart of the White House appear underway. These manoeuvres might explain US President Donald Trump’s sudden shift to an interventionist foreign policy.

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Amnesty International warns off companies from taking up ‘toxic’ refugee detention contracts

A multinational corporation has raked in millions of dollars via a contract with the Australian government for the management of its offshore refugee detention facilities. But a damning report by Amnesty International makes it clear that the contract, which expires in October, is a “toxic baton”. And there could even be arrests of that multinational’s CEO.

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No one wants to mention the real reason the Tories are quietly going ape-shit over Gibraltar

For days, Britain’s right-wing media has gone ape-shit over Gibraltar’s role in Brexit negotiations. But what was largely missing from the coverage was the idea that, for the Conservative government and British authorities, it’s far more than just a matter of sovereignty.

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Immunity from prosecution is rejected for Trump insider, but it’s not all about Russia

Retired US lieutenant general and former national security adviser Michael Flynn recently offered to testify about alleged links between Russia and US President Donald Trump. But the Senate Intelligence Committee rejected his request for immunity. As former attorney Seth Abramson has said, however:

Flynn’s immunity request very strongly suggests there was a criminal conspiracy at the highest levels of government.

With this in mind, it’s important to highlight another Flynn-related story which is receiving much less media coverage. A story about a foreign agent working on a secret intelligence project to support an authoritarian leader’s political ambitions. And it’s got nothing to do with Russia.

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Theresa May is playing a political game that many dictators would be proud of

British Prime Minister Theresa May appears to be threatening the European Union with terrorism. That’s how many European leaders and newspapers interpreted her Article 50 letter, delivered on 29 March. Indeed, The Times ran with May threat to EU terror pact. And let’s not forget it was only a week earlier that Turkey’s increasingly dictatorial President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was doing exactly the same thing, only far more crudely.

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