Expansion of this UK government programme could be the biggest threat to our democracy yet

According to recently-unearthed documents, people who have participated in a demonstration, are members of a political campaign group, or who have fought the government’s cuts, can become a target of a government programme that monitors ‘extremism’.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. And it’s more than just democracy at stake.

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The truth about the government’s Big Ben contractor and its leading role in the worker blacklisting scandal

Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd (SRM) was recently given the contract to refurbish Big Ben. Now, evidence (some of it confidential) seen by The Canary, together with court and inquiry transcripts, suggests SRM’s role in blacklisting was far greater than previously thought. And this poses the question of whether the company should retain this contract – and any other public sector ones.

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This Kurdish journalist fled persecution in Iran, only to be jailed by Australia for being a refugee

A Kurdish journalist and poet fled Iran to seek asylum in Australia. But Australian authorities incarcerated him on the remote Manus Island (Papua New Guinea). He has since made a film of what it’s like there. And its international premiere will be at the 2017 BFI London Film Festival in October. The Australian government, however, has refused to allow him to attend. So now, he’s seeking UK help to get a British visa to travel to London.

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Secretly filmed footage reveals the horror of a genocide by British-backed regime

In a corner of south-east Asia, tens of thousands of men, women and children have reportedly been massacred, tortured or displaced. The alleged perpetrators are a sadistic military, legitimised by a Western-backed puppet regime. And it doesn’t help that the regime is supported by over 200 British companies.

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Charlottesville protest: leaked chats show white supremacists joking about driving cars at anti-fascists

Leaked chat logs published by an independent media collective have revealed how white supremacists in the US joked about using vehicles against protesters just weeks before the 12 August terror attack in Charlottesville that saw 32-year-old paralegal Heather Heyer killed and 19 people injured as a car ploughed into protesters. Other chats, meanwhile, show how white supremacists are also targeting anti-fascist groups.

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An ‘army’ of Aussie citizens takes a stand against modern-day ‘concentration camps’


During World War Two, people across Europe risked their lives to offer sanctuary to refugees escaping from the Nazis. And today, amid another refugee crisis, citizens are once again coming together to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable people. In Australia, men, women and children are being forced back to the notorious Nauru and Manus Island refugee detention centres (which some critics have called “concentration camps”). But a whole ‘army’ of citizens is now mobilising to stop this, with the backing of international law.

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A British film shows us how to build a post-capitalist world right here, right now


In 2015, the Exeter-sponsored film-makers at Enfable travelled to Spain to make a movie about a post-capitalist co-operative in Catalonia. More recently, a two-day conference in an Athens squat included updates on the work of that co-operative. These updates, together with the Enfable film, provide an insight into how post-capitalism need not be some distant dream, but is realisable right now.

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