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Blacklisting and the role of social media and vetting agencies (private and govt)

The days of organisations like the Economic League and the Consulting Association keeping lists of political activists and trade union militants are, thankfully, long gone. These organisations were products of the 20th Century, though the CA managed to continue into … Continue reading

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As HSBC face prosecution threat, we reveal HSBC/Government ‘revolving door”

Today it was announced that the Swiss branch of banking giant HSBC could face criminal prosecution in the French courts. From 2010 the UK Government possessed details of over 6000 names of people who were British based, or ‘non-doms’, and … Continue reading

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Lagarde List republished on eve of Greek elections

After years of forced austerity by a conservative government in collusion with German-led eurocrats, the Greek people appear to be on the brink of rejecting that government to try their luck elsewhere – with Syriza, a party that is yet … Continue reading

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Ambiguities re company behind eviction of squatted homeless centre

Further details have emerged about the company that allegedly owns the London building squatted last Saturday as a centre for the homeless. The squatters, who called themselves “Love Activists”, were evicted from the property on Christmas Eve after being served … Continue reading

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Blacklisting and the police: the revolving door

The links between British police, Special Branch, MI5, the Conservative Party and blacklisting organisations go back to the post-World War 1 years. In the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s the Economic League ran most of the blacklisting activities throughout the UK. … Continue reading

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£1 an hour wage security firm forced to compensate for deadly assaults on children

Two days ago it was revealed that security services firms Serco and G4S have been forced to pay £100,000 compensation in damages to 14 children who had been assaulted by staff at Secure Training Centres (STCs). Earlier this year it … Continue reading

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