Chelsea Manning faced visa ban, despite support from three Nobel Peace Prize winners

A threat to ban celebrated whistleblower Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning from visiting Australia has meant she will be unable to speak in person at a scheduled event at the Sydney Opera House on Sunday 2nd September. Government dithering also means that other scheduled dates are in doubt too.

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Note: comments from Australian barrister Greg Barns:

While the Migration Act in Australia allows a Minister to refuse a visa in circumstances where the individual has been convicted and sentenced to 12 months or more imprisonment by a civil or military court anywhere, account must be taken of the fact that Chelsea Manning faced a very unfair military court trial after being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment at the hands of her US military jailers for a number of years. The Minister has a discretion here and can take into account the circumstances of the conviction and sentence.  Clearly Ms Manning’s case is very different to that of a person who has recently been released from a civil prison after a robust criminal trial process.

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2 Responses to Chelsea Manning faced visa ban, despite support from three Nobel Peace Prize winners

  1. Trudy Bray says:

    Why do you call them ‘Novel’ Peace Prize winners?


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