The real ‘Project Fear’ had its roots in racism, though its true goal is never-ending austerity

During the referendum, the Remain campaign was accused of running ‘Project Fear’ with dire predictions of what would happen if the UK left the EU. But recently released Facebook advertisements show [pdf] that Vote Leave’s Brexit campaign, spearheaded by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, was the real ‘Project Fear’.

Many of the ads (see below) were blatantly racist and xenophobic, while others were replete with disinformation. Moreover, some who oversaw the campaign were or went on to become cabinet ministers or close advisers to Downing Street.

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2 Responses to The real ‘Project Fear’ had its roots in racism, though its true goal is never-ending austerity

  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s too much talk about racism, xenophobism and anti-Semitism.
    It fans the flame of intolerance. It solves nothing. We all have our comfort zone. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to remain within our comfort zone. If some people are not ready to embrace other cultures, they should not be forced to and should not be labelled as racists, or xenophobes. .Many people like to stick with their own sort. Others are more gregarious and more adventurous. We have (limited) freedom of speech, and some degree of freedom of choice.
    One cannot like everybody, Multi-culturism is a new concept which some people like and some do not. It suits some people and not others. Those who do not like it should not be criticised by those who do. We don’t all have the same sense of humour. We don’t all like the same music, or food.
    There’s too much talk, too much criticism, and too much judgement, Leave other people alone and mind your own business. People must be allowed to like what they like without being labelled one thing or another. Just get on with your own life and allow others to do the same in peace.


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