No one wants to mention the real reason the Tories are quietly going ape-shit over Gibraltar

For days, Britain’s right-wing media has gone ape-shit over Gibraltar’s role in Brexit negotiations. But what was largely missing from the coverage was the idea that, for the Conservative government and British authorities, it’s far more than just a matter of sovereignty.

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    “The need for good relations

    But putting right-wing sabre-rattling to one side, Gibraltarians are a diverse lot. Some sought refuge there from the fascists during and after the Spanish Civil War. And thousands of Spaniards cross the border every day to work there. In return, the people of Gibraltar can trade freely with the people of Spain. As The Guardian writes:
    ‘a cross-border culture has grown up that requires easy access to its larger neighbour’
    In short, Gibraltar’s open border has benefited (and continues to benefit) everyone involved. This also helps to explain why almost all Gibraltarians voted, probably to the dismay of Britain’s right-wing press, against Brexit. And while the Tory government will want to avoid losing the territory at all costs, the right’s current war of words with Spain is the last thing Gibraltar needs as it seeks to maintain its positive relations with its large northern neighbour.”


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