99 years jail threatened for “prankery”: Lauri Love (and the Aaron Swartz story) – Part One


Lauri Love with his father, outside court


If Washington DC has its way a British citizen with Asperger’s Syndrome will be extradited to the US for a ‘prank’. This could see him face 99 years in prison. Lauri Love is a computer scientist who advises on computer security. He is also a political activist who has been accused of taking part in the hacking of websites belonging to the FBI, NASA and the US Federal Reserve. No evidence has been produced to support these allegations, and Love not only denies them but states that the hacking attacks referred to were clearly just “prankery”. The UK courts have ruled that Love is now subject to US extradition applications. He is expected to appeal that decision in the High Court and, if necessary, in the European Court of Human Rights, as he believes he will not get a fair trial in the USA. Also, if found guilty, he fears he won’t be able to tolerate the US prison system and could commit suicide.

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