Lists of UCOs and their supervisors

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To see the article – “New revelations show just how nervous the police are about the undercover policing inquiry” – that accompanies this list, click here.

To see a covering letter to the Pitcford Inquiry by D.S. Neil Hutchison re his request that two ‘counsellors’ assigned to UCOs not be identified, click here.

Appendix: lists of UCOs and their supervisors

These lists are subject to updates.

A. Alleged UCOs

(Note: there are around 150 UCOs, but only a few have previuously been identified.)

Mike Chitty (aka Mike Blake): UC
Rod Richardson (alias): UCO
Lynn Watson: UCO
Marco Jacobs: UCO
Mark Jenner (aka Mark Cassidy): UCO
Jason Bishop: UCO
Mark Rayner (alias codename): UCO
Carlo Neri (alias): UCO
RC (alias): UCO
Christian Plowman; UCO
Peter Bleksley: UCO
Pete Black (alias): UCO (real name Peter Francis, N43)
Becki Todd: UCO
Simon Brenner: UCO (real name Bromma, based in Germany)
Simon Wellings UCO?
N81 (code name only; see also next section): UCO
Mark Kennedy (aka Mark Stone): UCO
John Dines (aka John Barker): UCO
Gary R: UCO
Abigail L: UCO
Mike Ferguson (UCO – N2?)

B. Alleged UCO supervisors/managers

(Note: this listing, culled from police UCO docs and other sources, is also incomplete in terms of numbers and details.)

Richard Walton: Commander
Phil Gormley: Commander
Anton Setchell: Assistant Chief Constable
Adrian Tudway: Det. Chief Superintendant
Steven Pearl: Superintendent
Marc Vincent: Deputy Head of NDEU
Melvyn Young: Deputy National Coordinator Domestic Extremism
Ronnie Liddle was ACPO ACC for Counter Terrorism
Christopher Greany Detective Chief Superintendent (NDEU)
Richard May: Detective Chief Inspector (NPOIU)
David Hutcheson (now believed to work for the Met): Detective Inspector
Ian Ackerley (now retired) ?
Andy Robbins (currently head? of NDET): Detective Chief Inspector
John Parkinson (West Yorkshire constabulary, then counter-terrorism etc): Acting Assistant Chief Constable
Roger Pearce UCO, then SDS Commander, then head of Special Branch


  • ? Bateman (assumed to be Nottinghamshire Constabulary): Detective Inspector
  • ? Nightingale (assumed to be Nottinghamsire Constabulary): Detective Chief Inspector
  • ? Hedley (NDET): Detective Inspector
  • Adrian Pearson (Nottinghamshire Constabulary): Detective Superintendent
  • Andrew Roberts (Nottinghamshire Constabulary): Detective Inspector
  • Nigel Malik (Nottinghamshire Constabulary): Detective Constable
  • Manjeet Matharu (‘Civilian Investigator’, Nottinghamshire Constabulary)
  • Mark Zajac (Nottinghamshire Constabulary): Detective Constable
  • Neil James (retired): Detective Chief Superintendent
  • ? Wilson: Detective Superintendent
  • ? Pavey:Assistant Chief Constabl
  • Phil Trendle (British Transport Police): Superintendent
  • ? Flood: Chief Inspector
  • ? Trimble (believed assigned to Special Branch): Detective Sergean
  • Colin? Sampson: Assistant Chief Constable
  • ? Young: Detective Superintendent
  • ? Mitchell: Chief Superintendent (NPOIU)
  • Maria Smith (Detective Superintendent): NPOIU
  • John Parkinson: Acting ACC

Submissions made by UCOs who intend to attend Inquiry (via their code names):

N10 (Bob Lambert): Open Application; Draft Order; Personal Statement
N14 (Jim Boyling): Open Application; Draft Order; Open Application
N15 (anonymous): Draft Order; Personal Statement
N58 (anonymous): Open Application; Draft Order; Personal Statement
N81 (anonymous: Open Application; Draft Order; Personal Statement
N16 (anonymous): Open Application; Draft Order; Personal Statement
N26 (anonymous): Open Application; Draft Order; Personal Statement
N123 (anonymous): Open Application; Draft Order; Personal Statement
N15, N16, N26, N58, N81 and N123: Gisted Risk Assessment
N15, N16, N123, N26, N519 (anonymous), N58 and N81: Open application (and submissions)

Out of over 200 listed as core participants for the Inquiry, only 14 are UCOs – 6 less than the above UCOs identified. None of the above supervisors are listed.

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