‘Nauru Files’: Universal Jurisdiction threat to Australian government and Spanish multinational


Shocking photo of refugee ‘Omid’ setting himself on fire

The release and publication by Guardian Australia journalists of the ‘Nauru Files’ show that Wilson Security, the company that manages security at the refugee gulags on Nauru and Manus Island, has been responsible for downgrading those files – i.e. a coverup. The files also show that its staff were actual perpetrators of many of the alleged crimes, including child sex abuse and physical assaults. Wilson Security is contracted to Broadspectrum, which is now owned by Spanish multinational, Ferrovial. Legal experts recently warned that corporate entities (as well as the Australian Government) could be liable for huge financial payouts to the refugees detained. This liability includes responsibility for the conditions that enabled these crimes, including self-harm and, in two cases, self-immolation with one person – ‘Omid’ – losing his life. A shocking video shows what happened to ‘Omid’, while extracts from the ‘Nauru Files ‘ show the more ‘routine’ examples of abuse.

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